Правила совместной жизни - 2 сезон

Правила совместной жизни

Rules of Engagement


CBS , 2007 - 2013

комедия , мелодрама

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Правила совместной жизни 2 сезон

Осень 2007 - Весна 2008

Всего 15 серий

Время просмотра 7 часов 30 минут

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Список, описание и даты выхода серий

25.09.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

As the second season begins, Jeff and Audrey agree to sleep in separate bedrooms after his snoring keeps her awake. Jeff makes the most of the situation by staying up later and acting like a college student.

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02.10.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Audrey's sister (Heather Locklear) is having marital problems and agrees to go out with Russell, which angers Audrey, who thinks Russell just wants to seduce her sister.

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09.10.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Jeff thinks he can solve a problem Audrey's having with a neighbor with a bold confrontation, but he only makes the situation worse.

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16.10.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Jeff asks Audrey to be silent about his friend's infidelity, telling her that it's part of the "guy code."

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23.10.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Russell dates a "bag lady" and experiences the pitfalls of the relationship; Adam gives into Jennifer's wishes and gets a "man bag"; and Jeff and Audrey try to start rumors about their own sex life, but are upset when no one cares.

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30.10.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Jeff skips a wedding to spend a night out with the guys, and Audrey worries that he'll get drunk and do something embarrassing.

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06.11.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Heather Locklear reprises her role as Audrey's sister Barbara, who visits and announces she's getting a divorce, which makes Russell think he has a chance with her.

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13.11.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Jennifer and Audrey play matchmaker with terrible results, but their efforts benefit Adam and Jeff financially.

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20.11.07, 3:30
12 лет назад

Adam's mom visits and wears Jennifer's patience thin. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey learn how to entertain themselves when they are forced to live without their TV.

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15.04.08, 3:30
12 лет назад

Adam and Jennifer go on a vacation with Jeff and Audrey, but first they have to endure a time-share sales pitch.

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22.04.08, 3:30
12 лет назад

Adam begins to regret hiring Jennifer to freelance for his company when he realizes that business and romance don't always mix well. Meanwhile, Jen gives Jeff and Audrey a fertility idol that Jeff believes is responsible for his increased virility.

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29.04.08, 3:30
12 лет назад

Jeff tries to lose weight so he can fit the optimal-male category on his life-insurance policy, and the exam is only days away. Meanwhile, Adam runs into an ex-girlfriend, and Jennifer becomes jealous.

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06.05.08, 3:30
12 лет назад

Russell's dad asks Adam to appear as his son in a company promotional piece, but Adam worries Russell will be hurt when he finds out.

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13.05.08, 3:30
12 лет назад

Jeff makes a blunder when he sets out to help Adam and Jennifer buy an apartment in the building by recommending them to the co-op board, but he ends up making a bad impression on the president.

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20.05.08, 3:30
12 лет назад

In the second-season finale, Jeff buys the Camaro that he's always wanted. Elsewhere, Adam and Jennifer set a date for their wedding; and Russell allows his apartment to be used for a photo shoot for Audrey's magazine, hoping that he'll get a date with a model out of the deal.

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