Правила совместной жизни - 3 сезон

Правила совместной жизни

Rules of Engagement


CBS , 2007 - 2013

комедия , мелодрама

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Правила совместной жизни 3 сезон


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03.03.09, 3:30
11 лет назад

In the third-season opener, Audrey learns Russell is a closet Broadway-musical fan, and she uses the knowledge to blackmail him for theater tickets. Meanwhile, Adam and Jennifer take dance lessons.

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10.03.09, 3:30
11 лет назад

Russell uncharacteristically hires a male assistant, but finds there are advantages. Meanwhile, Audrey volunteers to read to the elderly.

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17.03.09, 3:30
11 лет назад

Jeff makes a new friend (Orlando Jones) at the gym and is surprised when Audrey tells him that his new friend is gay. Meanwhile, Russell suspects that the woman he's dating is his daughter.

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24.03.09, 3:30
11 лет назад

Jeff's chauvinist father (Brian Dennehy) visits and sprains his ankle, extending his stay much longer than Audrey would like. Elsewhere, Russell's one-night stand won't leave his place.

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31.03.09, 3:30
11 лет назад

Jeff and Audrey lie to get out of Jennifer and Adam's dinner party in favor of a better bash. Russell also attends the happening party, where he offends the wrong person---former NFL player Jerry Rice (appearing as himself).

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14.04.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

Timmy and Audrey conspire when Timmy tires of Russell's demands and Audrey wants to dump her incompetent assistant. Meanwhile, Jeff thinks he can help the Giants win by re-creating conditions that led to a previous victory.

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21.04.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

After being ridiculed for dozing off during a movie, Jeff asks Audrey to watch him play softball to prove he's still young.

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28.04.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

Audrey announces at work that she's pregnant, hoping her colleagues will give her special treatment.

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05.05.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

Russell challenges the guys to a contest determining who has it easier when it comes to convincing their respective partners to have sex.

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12.05.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

Jeff and Audrey go to a restaurant with Brad and Jackie, and Jeff's put out when Jackie helps himself to Jeff's meal, but Audrey insists that Jeff be silent on the matter; and Russell dates a psychiatrist.

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14.05.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

Jeff and Audrey invite their friend Steve, who's having marital problems, to stay with them, but the situation soon turns awkward when Steve becomes a bit too touchy-feely.

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19.05.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

Audrey persuades cheap Jeff to spend money he made from a car sale and do something exciting, but she ends up regretting that she talked him into the decision.

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19.05.09, 3:30
10 лет назад

In the third-season finale, Jeff starts to wonder if he and Audrey are missing something in their sex life.

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