Правила совместной жизни - 1 сезон

Правила совместной жизни

Rules of Engagement


CBS , 2007 - 2013

комедия , мелодрама

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Правила совместной жизни 1 сезон

Зима 2007 - Весна 2007

Всего 7 серий

Время просмотра 3 часа 30 минут

Сериал о соседях по лестничной площадке, двух парах. Одна пара — женаты уже 15 лет, другая — только съехались вместе. Они общаются между собой и делятся впечатлениями о совместной жизни. Пятый персонаж — убеждённый холостяк.

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06.02.07, 3:30
13 лет назад

Newly engaged Adam moves in with Jennifer, but his excitement is dampened by sobering news from Jeff, a jaded married man of 12 years, who explains how compromise works when living with a woman.

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13.02.07, 3:30
13 лет назад

Audrey hosts a lavish party for Jeff's birthday against his will, but he goes along in order to get his "birthday deal," a secret gift Adam and Russell are eager to discover. They have their own ideas about what it could be, leading Adam and Jennifer to set up deals of their own, which Adam begins to regret after Jeff plants unsavory seeds in his mind about what Jennifer might request.

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20.02.07, 3:30
13 лет назад

When Jeff flirts openly with Russell's 24-year-old girlfriend, Audrey challenges him to take off his ring one night and see if he can get a young woman's phone number. Meanwhile, Adam and Jennifer are jealous over mementos from each other's past lovers.

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27.02.07, 3:30
13 лет назад

Adam buys an expensive video-game console and Jennifer makes him promise to discuss major purchases first, but Russell interferes and makes Adam question the agreement. Meanwhile, Audrey accuses Jeff of being more emotionally involved with sports teams than with her.

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06.03.07, 3:30
13 лет назад

Adam and Jennifer plan a romantic weekend away, but a fight about their future sidetracks it. Meanwhile, Russell meets an older woman he slept with on his 18th birthday and plans on bedding her again, even though she's now 60; and Jeff and Audrey discuss having kids.

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13.03.07, 3:30
13 лет назад

Jeff's embarrassed when Jennifer massages his neck and he's very noticeably aroused. Meanwhile, Russell tries to flirt with a teacher, but keeps getting insulted by a little bully.

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20.03.07, 3:30
13 лет назад

In the first-season finale, Jeff doesn't want to part with his T-shirts from his college days, so Audrey finds a creative way to keep them around, but now Jeff can't stop reliving old memories. Meanwhile, Jennifer is worried that Adam is unsure about marriage.

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