Правила совместной жизни - 6 сезон

Правила совместной жизни

Rules of Engagement


CBS , 2007 - 2013

комедия , мелодрама

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Правила совместной жизни 6 сезон

Осень 2011 - Весна 2012

Всего 15 серий

Время просмотра 7 часов 30 минут

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Список, описание и даты выхода серий

21.10.11, 3:30
8 лет назад

In the sixth-season premiere, Russell wants out of his marriage with Liz; and Jeff tries to get Audrey to talk dirty.

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28.10.11, 3:30
8 лет назад

Russell's dad meets Liz, and Russell goes to great lengths to win his dad's approval; and Jeff insensitively places his guys' feelings before Audrey's.

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04.11.11, 3:30
8 лет назад

Audrey can't speak following throat surgery, which is heaven for Jeff; and Russell tells Timmy he can have a raise only if he'll fire someone for him so he doesn't have to do it.

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11.11.11, 3:30
8 лет назад

The gang goes to Vermont for a fall-foliage tour, but the trip's a disaster; and Russell finds new hope in his marriage.

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18.11.11, 3:30
8 лет назад

Jeff finds a phone app that lets him go straight to Audrey's voice mail; and Adam's new friend is a clothing salesman who champions his taste in unusual style choices.

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09.12.11, 3:30
8 лет назад

Jeff has high cholesterol and Audrey encourages him to eat healthier food, but he sneaks around with Brenda to eat junk food; and Russell can't keep up with his college intern at parties.

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16.12.11, 3:30
8 лет назад

Audrey orders an arm chair that she won't admit she hates and that Jeff pretends to love; and Russell accuses Timmy of sexual harassment.

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30.03.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

Jeff plans a romantic scavenger hunt for Audrey; Adam leads Russell to believe that Jen has a sex tape.

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06.04.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

Audrey thinks her maid needs money to fix her limp and asks some neighbors to contribute, but she then learns that she totally misunderstood why the woman wants the money.

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13.04.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

Jeff learns that Audrey uses sex to get him to do whatever she wants done. Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy make a commercial for their new soup spoon.

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20.04.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

Timmy tries to reconnect with a woman with whom he shared a romantic moment on the subway. Meanwhile, Audrey and Jeff blame each other when they are snubbed by a previously friendly couple.

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27.04.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

Jeff is stumped when Audrey asks him to name five nice things about her. Meanwhile, Russell pushes Timmy to serenade a woman he likes; Jennifer and Adam mistakenly receive Audrey and Jeff's bank statement.

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04.05.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

Adam's feelings are hurt when Jeff plans an evening alone, while Audrey and Jen attend a concert.

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11.05.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

Audrey prepares for motherhood by continuing to repair a doll that she keeps damaging. Meanwhile, Jeff questions their surrogate's dating choices.

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18.05.12, 3:30
8 лет назад

The sixth season concludes with Jen volunteering to throw Audrey a baby shower, but she puts the wrong date on the invitations. Meanwhile, Russell decides to give up women and accomplishes great things in the process.

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