Правила совместной жизни - 4 сезон

Правила совместной жизни

Rules of Engagement


CBS , 2007 - 2013

комедия , мелодрама

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Правила совместной жизни 4 сезон


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02.03.10, 3:30
10 лет назад

In the fourth-season opener, one of Jeff's female colleagues flirts with him; and Russell gets Timmy to get his phone from a one-night stand's apartment.

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09.03.10, 3:30
10 лет назад

Audrey ends up in the hospital after she and Jeff switch sides in bed and Jeff rolls over and accidentally hits her.

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16.03.10, 3:30
10 лет назад

Audrey pours on the guilt when Jeff takes off for an Atlantic City getaway, but Jeff discovers that Audrey's the one who has something to feel guilty about.

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23.03.10, 3:30
10 лет назад

Audrey gets mad at Jeff when he doesn't believe she saw her grandmother's ghost; and Russell does his best to discourage Timmy from going through with his arranged marriage.

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30.03.10, 3:30
10 лет назад

To please Audrey, Jeff agrees to see a couples therapist (Alan Ruck); and Russell has a crush on Suneetha, Timmy's fiancée.

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06.04.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

Audrey tries to give her unattractive friend confidence by lying to her and telling her she's on Jeff's list of women he would sleep with if Audrey wasn't around.

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13.04.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

Jeff has an ulterior motive for taking an interest in Audrey's favorite reality show; and Russell is happy to hear that Timmy is having second thoughts about his arranged marriage.

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20.04.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

When Audrey's "Girls' Night" is canceled, Jeff tries in vain to find solitude; and Russell realizes that Timmy harbors a lot of anger towards him.

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27.04.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

Jeff is cajoled into giving up hockey tickets so he can go with Audrey to her boss's party, where he spends the night trying to avoid hearing the score of the game; and, at the game, Russell is embarrassed when Timmy roots for the visiting team.

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04.05.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

Jeff and Audrey consider hiring a surrogate mother (Jaime Pressly); and Russell is merciless in ridiculing Jen and Adam's wedding Web site.

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11.05.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

Audrey and Jeff travel to Nebraska so Audrey can attend her 20th high-school reunion and tell everyone about her successful life in New York. Meanwhile, Russell inadvertently wreaks havoc at Timmy's dinner party.

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18.05.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

A sexual harassment suit is filed against Audrey by a colleague who doesn't like her; and, tired of being teased about playing cricket, Timmy challenges Jeff to a match.

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25.05.10, 3:30
9 лет назад

On the fourth-season finale, Adam and Jennifer plan to get married in secret, but events threaten their hopes; and, to divert Russell and Timmy, Adam tells them he's having an intervention for Jeff, who Adam says has a drinking problem.

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