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23.02.16, 0:00
8 лет назад

JP's brother arrives unannounced, halfway through the second term of the year. All of a sudden the residents of Hartnell Avenue realise how close they are to finishing their degrees. Howard's plans may be ruined by Candice. Oregon needs help from Rosa to get her USA scholarship. Vod has a money-making scheme that she's been working on. Kingsley is looking for love in all the wrong places. JP has plans to have one last big blowout before everyone gets on with studying.

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01.03.16, 0:00
8 лет назад

Vod believes that taking a job in the pub will be the answer to her money worries. Howard seems to have developed a small drinking problem since he broke up with Candice. Oregon sets up a poetry competition in her own name, as a way of cementing her legacy as the latest student body president. Josie goes searching for new housemates. Kingsley is shocked when he learns that Rosa has a son.

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08.03.16, 0:00
8 лет назад

The newly non-funded wheelchair rugby team protests against Oregon's presidency, Josie is having an identity crisis and takes the drastic measure of rebranding herself, and Vod decides to retreat to an anarchist commune, with the other two girls tagging along. The boys head to London, where Kingsley feels positive about a potential post at a radio station, JP visits his brother's firm to `collect his job' and Howard tries to familiarise himself with the city before he goes for his interview at the Ordnance Survey

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15.03.16, 0:00
8 лет назад

Determined not to be friendless next year, Josie decides to join the badminton society. Oregon's future is starting to look under threat when disgruntled societies, who have had their funding cut to pay for her poetry competition, decide to pass a motion to have her removed from office. Elsewhere JP's brother Tomothy takes a drastic measure in his attempts to force him to toe the line. Vod decides to take control of the graduation ball.

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22.03.16, 0:00
8 лет назад

The finals are fast approaching however things are falling apart. Tickets for the graduate ball are selling very well but Vod may be promising things she can't deliver. JP, desperate to cram as much geology into his brain, hires a revision barge, and convinces Howard to join him. Kingsley's relationship begins to disintegrate leaving him a physical wreck. After been fired as Union President, Oregon has to do some serious work if she is to qualify for a prestigious scholarship in the US.

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29.03.16, 0:00
8 лет назад

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