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Fresh Meat

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Осень 2013 - Зима 2013

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05.11.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

Howard and JP try to coax some female freshers to join their dry slope skiing society, while Vod's summer fling turns up unexpectedly. And the gang go to visit Josie in Southampton.

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12.11.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

Vod comes up with a plan to get rid of her holiday romance. Howard likes a girl but JP thinks she's out of his league, so he tries to poach her in order to restore the natural order of things.

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19.11.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

Realising how serious Javier has become since their wedding, Vod tries to dump him, but it's not that simple. Meanwhile, Howard comes up with a plan to humiliate JP at a university quiz.

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26.11.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

Having been rejected by Sam for cheating in the quiz, JP makes it his mission to win her back by signing up to take part in a medical drugs trial that he knows she'll be attending

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03.12.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

There's much excitement in the house when Vod announces that her mum is coming to stay. Nobody can quite believe she's even got a mum, and when she arrives she's not what anybody expected.

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10.12.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

The housemates get radical as they participate in a university sit-in organised by Oregon to demonstrate against the forced deportation of a hot Tunisian guy

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17.12.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

It's Howard's birthday, not that he's told anybody. But word gets out anyway and the housemates throw him a party. Oregon is keen to hijack the whole event and turn it into a political fundraiser.

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24.12.13, 0:00
10 лет назад

In the series finale, relationships and friendships are on the rocks, and Oregon goes head to head against Vod in the Student Union elections

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