Моя геройская академия / Boku no Hero Academia

Моя геройская академия

Boku no Hero Academia

1 чел

25 серия 6 сезона аниме Моя геройская академия

25.03.23 в 11:30 (Мск) на канале MBS
1 год назад

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No Man Is An Island

All Might arrives at the site of his final battle in Kamino, lamenting his failure as a teacher and a hero, when he is confronted by Stain. Even after briefly revealing to him his muscle form to confirm his identity, Stain refuses to believe he is the "real All Might", and to take back his criticisms towards the hero. All Might explains his feelings on unable to make a difference due to the state of the world, only for Stain to show him a young girl who has been going out everyday to clean the All Might statue from its vandalism; the last person All Might saved during said battle. Stain tells him it wasn't power that made All Might great but his ability to inspire others and their wills to keep his flame burning, these words which start to move All Might. Stain promptly leaves, handing All Might a data disk he had retrieved from Tartarus, telling him to kill him when the time is right. At U.A., the boys give Izuku a swift soak in the bath, where Bakugo re-declares even after his apology, he still sees everyone has his rivals. After their clean-up, All Might arrives to apologize to Izuku, telling everyone they received information indicating the final battle is soon, heading back out to prepare. Izuku finally falls asleep and the rest of his classmates declare they will do everything to bring the world back. All Might meets up with Tsukauchi and the Police Force where they decode the information from Tartarus. They discover that All For One's consciousness within Shigaraki was able to communicate with his real self through Radio Waves, with the conversation revealing that Shigaraki's body will be complete in just three days. All Might requests immediate aid from the foreign heroes, with the world governments unsure how to respond due to their own issues. Despite this, America's Number 1 Hero, Star and Stripe, heads to Japan on her own with an army of fighter jets, intending to assist her "master". Shortly afterwards, Izuku wakes up from a nightmare, greeted by his classmates, whose presence helps relieve him of his stress, intending to save the day together.

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