Моя геройская академия / Boku no Hero Academia

Моя геройская академия

Boku no Hero Academia

1 чел

24 серия 6 сезона аниме Моя геройская академия

18.03.23 в 11:30 (Мск) на канале MBS
1 год назад

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A Young Woman's Declaration

Prior to rescuing Izuku, Nezu explained to Class 1-A the intricacies designed into the U.A. Barrier to keep it fortified from villains and to protect the civilians inside. In the present, the civilians protest Izuku's entry, believing his presence will put everyone in the school in danger. Best Jeanist tries to explain everything to get them to understand, but his words only make the crowd even more anxious over the Heroes' failures, stressing Izuku out. Ochaco then grabs the megaphone and floats on top of U.A., giving a speech pleading to the civilians to let Izuku rest because Heroes deserved to be saved too. As a result, the civilians start to see how battered and tired Izuku is, and by the end of her speech, Izuku breaks down on his knees in tears. He is comforted by Kota and the mutant woman he saved earlier. One of the civilians speaks out to the rest of the crowd, admitting how much like bystanders they have been in their treatment towards the Heroes and that they should be doing their part to help in some way. After Izuku declares he will bring the world back to the way it was, the civilians accept him as he is escorted inside. Meanwhile, Nezu speaks to a recovering Aizawa in the Central Hospital, revealing that they had transferred Kurogiri to the location after the discovery of him being Shirakumo's Nomu, attempting to re-awaken him. Outside U.A., All Might leaves to find more civilians, thinking about his influence Izuku's current state, all the while Stain continues to follow him.

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