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Больное поведение

Ill Behaviour

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Когда у Чарли диагностируют рак лимфатической системы, ему сообщают, что ещё не всё потеряно и с болезнью можно справиться. Но герой отказывается от химиотерапии и выбирает альтернативный метод лечения. Узнав об этом, его друзья принимают решительные меры.

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22.07.17, 2:00
1 год назад

After Charlie's second escape attempt is thwarted, Joel and Tess decide to secure him behind bars in the cellar of the house. With Nadia gone, Joel starts to spiral out of control, drowning in an unhealthy concoction of drink, drugs and self-pity.

His drug-induced paranoia has convinced him that the net is closing in - he even thinks he's spotted Detective Talbot following him to the village supermarket after he paid an unexpected visit to Kira's house with a red velvet cake. Is the whole fragile edifice falling apart?

Tess tells Joel to get a grip and focus on what they're there for - to cure Charlie. There is only one more dose to go before they can all go home. However in his hungover state Joel smashes the final vial of chemo. Desperate to source more they call first Nadia, then her black market contact Shazia.

Their attempts to secure more drugs eventually tip off the police. As armed officers approach the house, Tess, Nadia and Joel's only hope is to hold them long enough for the final dose of chemo to be administered.

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