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Золотой парень

Golden Boy


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Золотой парень 1 сезон

Осень 1995 - Лето 1996

Всего 6 серий

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Парень Кинтаро Оэ колесит по стране на своём велосипеде в поисках приключений и любой работы. Каждый день Кинтаро находит применение своим знаниям и встречает на своём пути прекрасных девушек.

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27.10.95, 7:00
28 лет назад

25-year-old Kintaro Oe obtains a janitorial job at an all-woman software firm led by the Ferrari-driving, skimpily clad Madame President. An electrical accident jeopardizes the firm's future, allowing Kintaro to put his newly acquired programming skills to the test.

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22.11.95, 7:00
28 лет назад

Working as a campaign staffer for a mayoral candidate, Kintaro is assigned to tutor his boss' attractive teenage daughter, Naoko Katsuda, who wants more from him than help with her math homework.

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22.12.95, 7:00
28 лет назад

A car accident has left the owner of an udon restaurant temporarily handicapped, and Kintaro is helping out and learning the trade. The owner's daughter, Noriko has a well-heeled suitor, but a series of events leads Kintaro to doubt his sincerity.

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26.04.96, 7:00
28 лет назад

Kintaro has challenged the local swimming coach (and former Olympic athlete) to a race, but he first needs to learn how to swim. While training, however, his situation with the coach, Ayuko Hayami is compromised.

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24.05.96, 7:00
27 лет назад

Kintaro becomes a servant in a traditional-style mansion of a wealthy family, but is quickly dismissed. He then challenges the daughter Reiko Terayama, who abhors men and has a fetish for her motorcycle, to a race.

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28.06.96, 7:00
27 лет назад

Chie is a cel-painter at the animation studio where Kintaro works as an errand-boy. Production difficulties ensue, and Kintaro must rely on old friends to pull things through. An animated rendition of Tatsuya Egawa, voiced by the author himself, makes a cameo appearance in this episode.

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