Быть человеком (US) / Being Human

Быть человеком (US)

Being Human


SyFy , 2011 - 2013

ужасы , фэнтези

1 чел

6 серия 4 сезона сериала Быть человеком (US)

18.02.14 в 4:00 (Мск) на канале SyFy
10 лет назад

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Cheater of the Pack

Josh wakes up to a surprising discovery that shatters his life, as well as the future he's planned with Nora. Aidan reconnects with Suzanna and remembers the life he once had while trying to stave off his hunger. Someone from Sally's past resurfaces with news that not only sends her jumping back through time, but will also change her and the roommate's lives forever.

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