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Белый воротничок

White Collar

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Белый воротничок 5 сезон

Осень 2013 - Зима 2014

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18.10.13, 4:00
10 лет назад

With Peter in prison facing murder charges and every shred of evidence pointing to him for Senator Pratt's untimely death, Neal must strike a deal with the devil to help try and clear Peter's name.

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25.10.13, 4:00
10 лет назад

Peter assigns Neal a new handler to investigate an online black market, but Neal's loyalties will be tested when he discovers the trail might lead to Mozzie.

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01.11.13, 4:00
10 лет назад

Neal is blackmailed to steal a chapter from a valuable book for Hagen. With his new partner at the FBI watching his every move, Neal and Mozzie devise a diversionary heist to set up their enemy and get the book.

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08.11.13, 4:00
10 лет назад

Peter send Neal undercover with a psychiatrist who may be manipulating her patients into committing robberies.

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15.11.13, 4:00
10 лет назад

Neal must go undercover as a butler to expose an imposter who aims to inherit a Manhattan family's fortune.

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22.11.13, 4:00
10 лет назад

Neal and Peter look for a U.S. passport forger from Russia.

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06.12.13, 4:00
10 лет назад

While Neal delves further into the mystery of the Codex, Peter takes on a classified espionage case with a fellow FBI agent: his ex-girlfriend.

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13.12.13, 4:00
9 лет назад

Neal and Peter take on an unprecedented asset recovery case for the Museum of Natural History: a stolen Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and its egg.

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20.12.13, 4:00
9 лет назад

Peter's thrown back into an unsolved larceny case that has Neal worried - because Neal's the one who committed the crime.

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10.01.14, 4:00
9 лет назад

FBI catches Hagen for a forgery. Hagen takes Agent Burke along with him to reveal his relations with Neal where suddenly Hagen gets shot by someone who is believed to be the same person who shot Siegel.

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17.01.14, 4:00
9 лет назад

When Neal and Peter go after an assassin, the stakes are raised even higher when they realize this may be the same person who has been pulling Neal's strings.

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24.01.14, 4:00
9 лет назад

When a corporate espionage case has personal ties to Neal, Peter recruits Diana from maternity leave for an undercover sting on a rogue stock trader.

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31.01.14, 4:00
9 лет назад

Neal and Peter race against a criminal mastermind to unearth an invaluable treasure hidden in New York.

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