Власть в ночном городе - 3 сезон

Власть в ночном городе



starz , 2014 - 2020

драма , криминал

3 чел

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Власть в ночном городе 3 сезон

Лето 2016 - Осень 2016

Всего 10 серий

Время просмотра 10 часов

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18.07.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Out of the drug game, James is ready to leave "Ghost" behind. Angela must decide between love and honor. Tasha reels from the death of Shawn. Tommy is forced to make some bold moves.

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25.07.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Ghost scrambles to tie up loose ends while he deals with new nightlife competition. Tommy confronts Tasha, as she and Angela must learn to coexist. Tommy gains an advisor in his returned love, Holly.

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01.08.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Ghost is offered an opportunity to take the clubs to the next level; Tommy reunites with Tasha in a scheme, while he also attempts to keep a contact under control.

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08.08.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

As the opportunity to expand the clubs evolves, Ghost is spread even thinner between Angela, the kids, business, and Tommy. Tommy struggles with a decision, Kanan gets back into the life, and Angela faces doubts.

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15.08.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Tommy goes gunning for the culprit who tried to kill him; Greg pressures Ruiz to give up the 'Ghost,' as Angela tries to keep them at bay. Meanwhile, Proctor brings a new problem to the fore for Ghost to deal with.

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22.08.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Tommy and Ghost get back together to take on a ruthless foe and enlist Tasha in hopes of evading detection by Angela and her team. Later, Tommy soldiers on, but Ghost comes undone at a vital juncture.

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29.08.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Angela is left staggered after the breakup, but must rally to take on a difficult situation at work; Ghost scrambles to hold onto the club deal, while he and Tommy get reacclimated to the game. Also, Dre learns just what the La Arana card means.

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05.09.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Mike and Angela hunt for the mole. Angela gets a lead, while she must solidify Tommy's alibi. Tasha receives a warning as Tariq makes a dangerous new friend. Milan issues an edict to push a new product.

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19.09.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

Angela searches for the mole; Ghost works to regain the club deal; Kanan exerts a dark influence upon Tariq; Milan warns Tommy about the price of betrayal.

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26.09.16, 4:00
6 лет назад

While in the middle of throwing the party of a lifetime, Ghost must slip away to retrieve evidence; Tasha's attempt to save her family requires she enter an unlikely alliance, while Tommy contemplates a move that will impact everyone's present and future.

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