Убийство на ферме «Уайтхаус» / White House Farm

Убийство на ферме «Уайтхаус»

White House Farm


Список серий сериала Убийство на ферме «Уайтхаус»

08.01.20, 23:00
2 месяца назад

In the early hours of Wednesday 7th August 1985, police in Chelmsford receive a phone call from local farmer Jeremy Bamber. Officers are called to an incident at his parents' farmhouse, White House Farm.

Jeremy's sister Sheila, mother June, father Nevill and twin nephews Nicholas and Daniel are all found dead. The case appears to be open-and-shut to investigating officer DI Thomas ‘Taff' Jones, who concludes that Sheila, who had mental health problems, is responsible for killing her parents and children, and then herself. But for DS Stan Jones, something doesn't feel right. Stan's concerns bring him into conflict with his superior officer Taff. He is given the responsibility of family liaison and told to toe the line.

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15.01.20, 23:00
2 месяца назад

Stan and his number two Mick Clark speak to Jeremy and relatives of the murdered family, but their picture of what really happened that night at White House Farm remains inconclusive. The twins' father Colin Caffell is devastated by his loss, and is initially comforted by Jeremy.

Post-mortem examinations reveal nothing to contradict the murder-suicide theory. Meanwhile, relative Ann Eaton cannot believe Sheila was responsible, and discusses her growing suspicions with her brother David Boutflour. They raise their concerns with Taff, who dismisses them angrily.

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22.01.20, 23:00
2 месяца назад

After a vital discovery at White House Farm by the family, Stan and Mick feel closer to shoring up their own suspicions about Jeremy.  

The arrival of a friend Brett from New Zealand increases tension between Jeremy and girlfriend Julie.   Ann is growing ever more alarmed and suspicious of her cousin Jeremy's behaviour, and his handling of the family estate.   

As preparations for the inquest continue, Stan is concerned that if the bodies are released for cremation, evidence will be lost forever.  He is in a race against time.

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29.01.20, 23:00
2 месяца назад

The funerals approach, and without the answers he needs and still more questions being thrown up from White House Farm, Stan's efforts remain fruitless.   As all looks lost for Stan and Mick solving the case , until a vital witness comes forward.

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05.02.20, 23:00
1 месяц назад

With the testimony of a vital witness confirming some of Stan and Mick's suspicions, Taff still remains unconvinced.   But the police are now forced to question what they thought they knew previously, and pursue the case against Jeremy.

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12.02.20, 23:00
1 месяц назад

The evidence is interrogated as Jeremy's trial begins, with dramatic and conflicting witness testimony being given before the jury and the packed public gallery.  The jury must now give their verdict on what really happened that night at White House Farm.

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