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13.01.19, 22:00
1 год назад

It's springtime, and with extra help needed in Poplar Mother Mildred decides to send Sister Frances and Sister Hilda to Nonnatus House, where they will live and work.

Everyone is excited for the impending arrival of the Queen's baby. Violet is holding a Teddy Bears' Picnic and raising funds through a sweepstake on whether the Queen will have a boy or a girl. The midwives are introduced to their new midwifery bags but Sister Monica Joan is distressed when she sees Fred burning the old leather ones.

Lucille is caring for heavily pregnant Lesley White, whose sister Cath, an aspiring model, has been feeling extremely unwell. Back at the maternity home, Shelagh has to step in to help Trixie with a birth that takes a surprise turn.

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20.01.19, 22:00
1 год назад

Lucille is deeply concerned by the living conditions of her elderly patient Clarice Milgrove. Clarice, who has a malodorous leg ulcer, is a hoarder who lives alone among towering piles of rubbish, books and tins of food. Sister Hilda faces a steep learning curve when a newly arrived Ghanaian family are found to be afflicted with a mystery illness.

Elsewhere, Violet Buckle determines to serve her community by running for local councillor. But Fred is not so pleased, convinced that his Civil Defence Corps work will be more beneficial to the area than any life in politics.

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27.01.19, 22:00
1 год назад

Valerie helps a struggling mother accept her son's birth defect. The Turners oversee a measles vaccination trial at the clinic as the team prepare for the Whitsun bank holiday.

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03.02.19, 22:00
1 год назад

Sister Julienne is drawn into a conflict between an estranged mother and daughter, both of whom are pregnant. Trixie's keep fit class is chosen to host a special event.

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10.02.19, 22:00
1 год назад

Poplar welcomes a brand new cervical cancer-screening clinic to the Institute and Dr Turner, Shelagh and Trixie are pleased to be part of the exciting new venture.

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17.02.19, 22:00
1 год назад

Mother Mildred returns to Nonnatus while Nurse Crane is in hospital, and provides care for a retired dock worker whose former job has taken its toll on his health.

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24.02.19, 22:00
11 месяцев назад

Sister Frances panics when Mother Mildred insists that she attend her first solo birth before Nurse Crane returns, and Trixie treats a pregnant woman who discovers that she has gonorrhoea, a condition that could have serious implications for the health of her baby. The Turners try to persuade Violet to approve the formation of a Brook Advisory Centre, and Lucille looks forward to a second date with Cyril.

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03.03.19, 22:00
11 месяцев назад

Sister Hilda digs deep to give her terminally-ill patient her final wish whilst the Turners must prepare to say goodbye to May. Fred and Reggie are keeping secrets from each other.

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