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21.01.18, 22:00
2 года назад

The Big Freeze continues, with scheduled power cuts and more blizzards. The departure of Barbara prompts Sister Julienne to recruit a new midwife, Lucille Anderson. Owing to the snow, Lucille is two days late and her start is bumpy when she falls ill. Lucille is called out from her sick bed to assist Trixie with a breech birth. Nadine Mulvaney, a single mother and exotic dancer in Soho, plans to give the baby up for adoption. But, Trixie is concerned that Nadine's Rhesus Negative blood type might cause problems for baby.

Meanwhile, Nurse Crane and Dr Turner are caring for Ruth Gelin, an elderly Jewish woman suffering from bowel cancer. Ruth and her husband Arnold are facing eviction from their home of several decades. The council have started to demolish their street as part of the slum clearance. Nurse Crane must convince the prickly Sergeant Woolf to delay the demolition until after Ruth passes away.

Shelagh wants to return to work and contemplates having an Au Pair. An apprehensive Trixie decides to take her relationship with Christopher to the next level while Sister Winifred is nervous as her driving test approaches.

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28.01.18, 22:00
2 года назад

Lucille is on duty when Valerie's family friend Marjory goes into labour.

Marjory's mother Mae is sceptical about Lucille's ability, but is proved wrong when she competently delivers the baby. However, when Marjory's health takes an unexpected turn for the worse, Mae's prejudice and racism causes her to blame Lucille. The team must rally to protect their newest recruit and restore Lucille's confidence in their community.

Sister Winifred makes a case for fathers to be more involved in their wives' pregnancies but finds the men of Poplar may need more persuading. Trixie invites Christopher to eat a home-cooked dinner, but the meal doesn't quite go as planned. And Shelagh gets a little more than she bargained for when their glamorous Hungarian Au Pair arrives.

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04.02.18, 22:00
2 года назад

A pregnant mother hears a devastating diagnosis, while Fred and Violet throw a Beauty Contest.

Nurse Crane and Trixie become involved with Doreen Lunt, an expectant mother whose unusual behaviour raises concerns about her ability to care for her family. Violet throws a Beauty Contest and Magda hears some unwelcome news.

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11.02.18, 22:00
2 года назад

Sister Julienne is drawn into the heart of a different culture when she is called upon to help a Pakistani family.

Having come to terms with her own childlessness, Mumtaz Gani is heartbroken when her husband, Saddiq, brings home a second wife who is eight months pregnant.

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18.02.18, 22:00
1 год назад

Trixie leaves Nonnatus House to stay with her godmother in Portofino. Lucille is on a mission to help Eunice Dobson, an expectant mother who is extremely distressed about her pregnancy. Lucille feels out of her depth with Eunice's situation and asks Shelagh for help. She is determined to break through to this fearful mother, but Eunice's condition is more serious than first thought.

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25.02.18, 22:00
1 год назад

Barbara gets involved with a recently widowed pregnant woman. Sister Monica Joan has her cataract surgery.

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04.03.18, 22:00
1 год назад

Dr Turner gets involved with a troubled young man, and Lucille makes new friends. Meanwhile, Barbara lies ill in hospital.

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11.03.18, 22:00
1 год назад

The team must rally to prepare for Sister Monica Joan's birthday. Meanwhile, the closing of a nearby maternity home brings an influx of expectant mothers to the Nonnatus midwives.

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