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Call The Midwife

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17.01.16, 22:00
4 года назад

As Easter approaches, the midwives are shook by a baby born with severe deformities. Trixie begins teaching keep-fit classes, but she starts questioning the relationship between women and their bodies when a there's a medical emergency for one of her students.

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24.01.16, 22:00
4 года назад

A struggling dockworker's wife is forced into making a difficult decision about her upcoming birth, also putting pressure on Barbara who faces the test of her career so far. Nurse Crane makes a new friend. Evangelina has to take action as a mistake from the past comes to light.

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31.01.16, 22:00
4 года назад

A closely knit family may be broken apart when a outbreak of typhoid erupts and there's suspicions over the carrier. Sister Winfred faces a dilemma when a local teacher reveals she is pregnant to a local man. Barbara goes to dinner with Tom, but is worried about how Trixie will react.

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07.02.16, 22:00
4 года назад

Sister Julienne is on secondment and is amazed by the medical advances in use at a busy local hospital. A traumatic birth however soon leads her to question moral issues. Ian is overjoyed when he is accepted into university, but Linda falls pregnant and could throw his plans into jeopardy. Trixie and Tom try and help Linda and Ian out, as the family begins to fall apart.

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14.02.16, 22:00
4 года назад

Roseanne's past continues to haunt her, which in turn wreaks havoc on her home life. Violet has to put Fred in charge of the shop due to a back injury. Dr. Turner sets up a new chest clinic. Her and Shelagh evaluate their lives.

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21.02.16, 22:00
3 года назад

Poplar is left in a state of fear after a spate of violent attacks against women. However Lizzie, a prostitute is too ashamed to report crimes committed against her to the police, which soon allows a dangerous man to be walking free on the streets, who soon targets Nonnatus House. Thora wants her young daughter Diane's pregnancy hidden and will go to great lengths to make sure it stays that way. Shelagh and Timothy organise to take Dr Turner on holiday.

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28.02.16, 22:00
3 года назад

Times are changing in Poplar, as Autumn is around the corner. Dr Turner shares his excitement over the release of the first contraceptive pill, but some of the other staff at Nonnatus aren't as pleased with the impacts the release of the pill will have. Patsy struggles to help a transient Bargee woman. Nurse Crane is called in to assist a post-natal emergency. Sister Evangelina makes her return to the house.

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06.03.16, 22:00
3 года назад

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