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16.01.20, 5:00
3 года назад

Penny and Julia go stargazing and Eliot and Margo forget a sandwich.

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23.01.20, 5:00
3 года назад

Imprisoned Margo repeatedly tries to play with time and save Josh, Fen and her kingdom. Jane speaks bluntly to Eliot about Quentin's sacrifice. Kady's search for the stolen book depository is sidelined when she is attacked by a mindwiping ninja assassin. Penny23 tries to help. Alice attempts to resurrect Quentin but ends up with a 12 year old "Golem Quentin".

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30.01.20, 5:00
3 года назад

Eliot and Alice travel to the top of the Mountain of Ghosts and have a conversation about love and grief. They are aided by a mourning stranger. Josh and Fen learn some harsh truths about Margo. Julia and Penny face the question "Just how many times do you have to risk your life to save the world?". Investigating the continued magical surges they find sisters Zoe and Daniella, who have mixed responses in helping them.

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06.02.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Julia is faced with a choice from would be Rock Star/goddess of melody Clarion - save the world or save Penny? 

The highly articulate Visigoths attack the library forcing Alice and Zelda to make a run for it and indirectly Zelda reveals just what its going to take to save the world.

Margot and Eliot settle into their undercover roles close to the Dark King.

Kady and Dean Fogg get high and travel to the etheric realm to attempt to locate the missing Depository bulding.

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13.02.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Margo and Eliot have a bad day.

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20.02.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Penny23 is elected Acting Dean of Brakebills and that prompts Julia and him to attempt to summon Dean Fogg. What they get is more problems. Alice meets new Botany Professor Hamish Bax. Back in FIllory, High King Margo's attempts to engage with the fairies don't initially pan out as the Dark King's forces come looking for Gold.

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27.02.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Margo and Eliot do a freaky friday in an attempt to assassinate the Dark King...despite some misgivings from Eliot. Alice and Hamish find out the importance of Quentin's unfinished plant drawing in the whole giant scheme of things. A bunny gives troubling advice to Julia, then Fen offers some advice.

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05.03.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Penny and Plum travel, not only through space, but time. The not-dead Dark King uses Eliot's body to reassure a long lost love he's not been forgotten. Margo enlists the inept Gordy the Vet to rid Plover of the Tongue Twister curse. Alice and Kady use a Poison room spellbook to consider creating a new Moon.

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12.03.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Margo learns to project. Josh goes to the spa.

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19.03.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Slap fight! Josh eats a pickle. Dreams are weird.

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26.03.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Margo sees a purse she hates. Alice writes a letter. We couldn't get Prince.

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02.04.20, 5:00
2 года назад

Christmas comes early.

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