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Ван Хельсинг

Van Helsing


SyFy , 2016 - 2021

боевик , драма , фэнтези

11 чел

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Ван Хельсинг 5 сезон

Весна 2021 - Лето 2021

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17.04.21, 5:00
1 год назад

After waking in the Dark Realm, Jack is sent through a portal with only the words "Kill the Dark One" to guide her. Jack discovers some familiar faces as she hunts for the Dark One.

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24.04.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Jack joins forces with her once sworn enemy who reveals a dangerous weapon that will help the Van Helsings kill the Dark One, but the consequences of using this weapon are dire.

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01.05.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Jack faces off against the Dark One with a new ally whose allegiances may not be trusted.

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08.05.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Axel and Julius awaken in the Sunshine Unit, where a familiar face reveals the truth about their injuries; at Fort Collins, Violet and Ivory must convince their captors they are not traitors.

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15.05.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Violet and Ivory go on the run from Fort Collins with the now vulnerable Sisterhood; Violet risks everything to keep the amulet out of The Dark One's hands.

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22.05.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Axel and Julius encounter a significant person from Julius' past in their pursuit of Van Helsing, and Julius realizes she may not be who he thought she was.

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29.05.21, 5:00
1 год назад

As Axel and Julius continue their search for the Van Helsings, Violet and Ivory try to decipher a new clue all the while staying one step ahead of the Dark One.

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05.06.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Axel, Violet, Jack and Ivory are on their way to D.C. when an attack from the military leads them to take cover in an abandoned mine, but the mine may not be as safe as they think.

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12.06.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Vanessa wills Axel into the Dark Realm, where they both discover secrets of their past that may help them in the future.

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19.06.21, 3:00
1 год назад

Axel and Violet inadvertently save an important figure from America's past who could help turn the tide in their fight against the Dark One.

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19.06.21, 4:00
1 год назад

As the Dark One yearns to release her full power upon the Real World her plans are interrupted by a strange visitor to the White House.

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19.06.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Vanessa, Axel, Jack, Violet and Ivory finally reunite in the real world and begin their plan to take down The Dark One.

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26.06.21, 5:00
1 год назад

Vanessa, Violet and Jack face off with The Dark One in the ultimate battle to save humanity.

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