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Терминатор: Хроники Сары Коннор

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Терминатор: Хроники Сары Коннор 1 сезон

Зима 2008 - Весна 2008

Всего 9 серий

Время просмотра 9 часов


Действие сериала разворачивается после событий в фильме «Терминатор 2: Судный день». Сара Коннор и ее сын Джон скрываются от правительства и вынашивают план уничтожения корпорации Skynet в надежде предотвратить Армагеддон.

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Список, описание и даты выхода серий

14.01.08, 3:00
15 лет назад

In the series premiere, Sarah Connor struggles to keep her son John Connor safe from an enemy Terminator from the future. She uproots their lives and takes him to live in a small town in New Mexico where he befriends Cameron who ultimately becomes his protector. Meanwhile, FBI Agent James Ellison continues his hunt for Sarah Connor.

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15.01.08, 4:00
15 лет назад

Sarah makes contact with an old friend to ask a favor, while John decides to pay a visit to Sarah's ex and Cameron makes a new friend. Together they infiltrate a resistance safe house and discover they are not alone. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison realizes that Sarah is still alive and a dangerous person from Sarah's past is reawakened.

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22.01.08, 4:00
15 лет назад

Sarah pays a visit to Miles Dyson's widow looking for Skynet's creators. Her search leads her to Andy Goode, a cell phone salesman who also happens to also be the inventor of a chess playing computer known as "The Turk." Sarah has to make a tough decision regarding her friendship with Goode. Meanwhile, John and Cameron try their best to assimilate on their first day at the new high school and John is conflicted about his role as a hero. Agent James Ellison finds himself getting closer to the truth.

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05.02.08, 4:00
15 лет назад

When Sarah, Cameron and John track down stolen cargo, they become separated from John leading him to discover the future isn't as safe as he had hoped. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison's murder investigation leads him to an interesting suspect.

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12.02.08, 4:00
14 лет назад

When Sarah's friend Andy submits his computer into a chess competition, she revaluates his computer's capabilities and worries where it could all lead. During the chess match, Sarah comes face-to-face with a stranger whose history is closely tied to hers. Meanwhile at school, Cameron gets called into grief counseling and John makes a new friend in shop class. Agent Ellison discovers remnants from a terminator battle.

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19.02.08, 4:00
14 лет назад

While fighting for his life and moving in and out of consciousness, a stranger remembers life in the future and his personal battle against the machines. Meanwhile, Sarah finds herself trying to explain the past to .

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26.02.08, 4:00
14 лет назад

When Sarah breaks into Agent Ellison's apartment looking for a missing endo-arm, she discovers dossiers, files and video from her stay in the mental hospital. The files lead her to hospital psychiatrist Dr. Silverman, a doomsday convert who made Sarah's hospital stay unbearable. Meanwhile, Cameron enrolls in a ballet class taught by Maria Shipkov, Dmitri's sister, in an effort to track down his whereabouts and to find out who has the Turk. John learns what it took for his mom to escape the hospital; Agent Ellison's endo-arm discovery puts him danger.

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04.03.08, 3:00
14 лет назад

John defends Cameron against a damning accusation by Derek, putting him and Derek at odds, while Sarah finds herself in a business transaction with a mysterious business man.

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04.03.08, 3:00
14 лет назад

Cromartie closes in on John and Agent Ellison discovers a nemesis at the agency.

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