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FOX , 2012


60 мин

В центре событий отец, который обнаруживает, что его сын, болеющий аутизмом, действительно может предсказывать события, которые еще не произошли.

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11.05.13, 4:00
3 лет,5 месяцев назад

As Aster Corps closes in on the completion of the number sequence that could catapult them to the top of the global economy, determined executive Nicole Farington stops at nothing with her two new test subjects. Meanwhile, Martin and Trevor are on an intense mission of their own to interrogate Aster Corps heavy Tanner for answers. As Jake and Amelia remain at the epicenter of these critical events, it's a race against time for Martin to save them before Aster Corps changes the world forever.

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