Скотт и Бейли / Scott & Bailey
Скотт и Бейли / Scott & Bailey

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Скотт и Бейли

Scott & Bailey

60 мин / 1 день 9 часов

Криминальная драма, повествующая о личной и профессиональной жизни двух детективов манчестерской полиции, специализирующихся на делах об убийствах.

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27.04.16, 23:00
4 года назад

Rachel is criticised for the lack of progress in the investigation and with Steve Dench still the prime suspect, she knows she must find both a murder weapon and the encryption code used to access the Taking Out The Trash website. Then, they not only get Steve for multiple murders, but they also find the man he's playing his sick game with. Discovering that the witness at Michael Edgerton's murder may be one of the killers marks a big breakthrough, and with the attacks increasing, Rachel hopes that the killers will start to make mistakes. The appearance of a star on Rachel's gatepost terrifies Alison and when Julie Dodson finds out, Rachel's position as Acting DI is jeopardized. But with new evidence challenging Steve's alibi and a positive ID of the witness, Rachel is determined to hang onto the case. When Janet's attempt to help Taisie results in a complaint, her faith in doing everything by the book is rocked, and with Rachel's pregnancy out in the open, both Scott and Bailey have life-changing decisions to make about their futures.

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