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06.11.06 в 3:00 (Мск) на канале FOX
14 лет назад

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Treehouse of Horror XVII

Hand out screams and scare up laughs in their annual, bone-chilling Halloween special. The horror starts in 'Married To The Blob,' when a meteor falls to Earth and reveals a green goo that Homer mistakes for a marshmallow. After Homer eats the goo, he turns into a rampaging blob with a never-ending appetite that even guest voice Dr. Phil McGraw can't stop. In 'You Gotta Know When To Golem,' the fright-fest continues when Bart brings Golem, guest voice Richard Lewis as a legendary monster from Jewish folklore, to life and forces him to carry out his ghastly bidding. But when the creature is finally freed of his evil-doing, Marge, Bart and Lisa create a female monster that captures Golem's heart. In the final scare, 'The Day the Earth Looked Stupid,' a fake radio broadcast convinces the residents of Springfield that they're in the midst of an alien invasion, throwing the town into a state of pandemonium ; which only worsens when the invasion stops being a hoax and becomes reality.

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