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1989 - 1990

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Мультфильм — пародия на американский уклад жизни. Cемейство Симпсонов состоит из пяти членов: папаша Гомер, мать семейства Мардж, их дочери Лиза и Мэгги и несносный подросток Барт.

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30 лет назад

Homer's Christmas bonus is canceled and the rainy-day funds are needed to pay for Bart's tattoo removal in the first full-length episode of the subversive animated satire about Springfield's hapless first family.

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15.01.90, 3:00
30 лет назад

Bart is moved to a school for the gifted after he switches aptitude tests with another boy.

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22.01.90, 3:00
30 лет назад

After being fired from the nuclear power plant for negligence, Homer becomes a safety activist.

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30 лет назад

After seeing families being nice to each other at a company picnic, Homer orders the Simpsons to a family therapist.

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05.02.90, 3:00
30 лет назад

Terrorized by the school bully, Bart seeks counsel from Grandpa Simpson, who takes him to a warfare expert for basic training.

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12.02.90, 3:00
30 лет назад

The meaning of life and second grade have Lisa playing the blues solo---until she jams with a kindred spirit; Homer seeks tutelage to beat Bart at video boxing.

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19.02.90, 3:00
30 лет назад

The Simpsons put the wild back in the wilderness when their RV goes over a cliff and Homer and Bart go for help, get lost and lose their clothes.

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26.02.90, 3:00
30 лет назад

Bart pulls a stunt that shocks the entire town, including the new friends he was trying to impress.

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30 лет назад

Homer's bowling-ball gift "for Marge" prompts her to take up the sport---and maybe also a handsome instructor who offers to teach her "many things."

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26.03.90, 3:00
30 лет назад

Shutterbug Bart captures Homer with a sexy entertainer at a bachelor party.

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16.04.90, 3:00
29 лет назад

A little story about how Bart saves France after blowing up Principal Skinner's mom with a cherry bomb. A Albanian child comes to stay with the Simpsons in his place and becomes Homers tag along buddy.

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29 лет назад

Bart's TV hero Krusty the Clown is arrested for a convenience-store robbery, and witness Homer must testify against the clown.

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29 лет назад

Homer takes Marge out for a romantic night, leaving the kids with a sitter---who's profiled on "America's Most Armed and Dangerous."

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