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Ребенок Розмари

Rosemary's Baby


NBC , 2014

детектив , драма , ужасы

120 мин

История о молодой девушке Розмари Вудхаус, которая подозревает, что ее соседи — участники Сатанинского культа, а их цель — ее будущий ребенок.

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16.05.14, 4:00
2 лет,5 месяцев назад

In this 2-hour conclusion Rosemary's health rapidly declines with her pregnancy while Guy's career takes off with the successful completion of his book. At the same time Roman and Margaux each take a peculiar and very intimate interest in the young couple. Untimely and gruesome deaths seem prevalent and we soon learn why. As Rosemary's due date approaches the truth about her baby becomes clear and everyone's true colors come to light.

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