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Расследования Мердока

Murdoch Mysteries

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Расследования Мердока 4 сезон

Зима 2011 - Весна 2011

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16.02.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

Murdoch struggles to work with the new coroner and clashes openly when a cement block found near the water contains the remains of not one but three men.

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23.02.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

Members of a squad of Canadian soldiers who recently were deployed to South Africa are stricken with a mysterious illness and others are being murdered.

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02.03.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

Ignoring a puzzling break-in at Station 4, Murdoch travels to Buffalo to help Dr. Ogden solve the suspicious death of a young cancer patient at a children's hospital.

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09.03.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

Dark secrets surface at the Jenkins household when Murdoch questions the family and servants of murdered patriarch Percival Jenkins.

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16.03.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

A flamboyant Parisian detective arrives in Toronto and insinuates himself into the disappearance of a French woman visiting her married sister.

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23.03.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

Murdoch comes across a made-to-scale diorama of a cul-de-sac Toronto street replete with miniature residents and discovers evidence that at murder took place there.

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30.03.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

Murdoch and Crabtree investigate when a body is uncovered by workmen. The remains date from perhaps the mid-1860s.

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06.04.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

A telephone operator with ambitions to be a detective believes she's heard a woman strangled on an open line but Inspector Brackenreid is reluctant to believe her.

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13.04.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

While investigating a lethal gunshot on a trolley that no one seems to have heard, Mudoch finds that the disappearance his old girlfriend Anna Fulford may be linked.

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20.04.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

When a convent tries to bury one of its most venerated members in the churchyard, another body is found in the plot. Murdoch is reunited with his sister.

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27.04.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

The murder of a young student a an exclusive girls' school leads Murdoch to conclude that someone posing as a vampire is preying on several of the young girls.

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04.05.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

A Robin Hood-like bank robber with a flair for style kisses pretty female bank employees before donating the money he steals to a local orphanage.

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11.05.11, 2:00
11 лет назад

A man is found murdered at a Lewis Carroll-themed costume party. All clues point to the guest dressed as the Mad Hatter.

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