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Расследования Мердока

Murdoch Mysteries

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Расследования Мердока 3 сезон

Зима 2010 - Весна 2010

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17.02.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

Murdoch finds himself an amnesiac in Britain with professional killers trying to find out what he knows about a planned assassination.

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24.02.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

Murdoch is assigned to an adjacent station house when one of their officers is found murdered in Toronto's Chinatown. His theories on the crime come under question.

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03.03.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

Detective Murdoch enters the secretive world of the Freemasons when a new member is poisoned during his initiation ceremony. Things take a strange turn when Doctor Ogden reveals to Murdoch, Crabtree and Inspector Brackenreid that the young accountant really wasn't the man everyone thought.

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10.03.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

Tragedy strikes close to home when Brackenreid's son Bobby suddenly disappears while playing with a friend on a sunny afternoon.

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17.03.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

A clearly disturbed young woman possessed of four personalities takes an ax to her abusive father possibly because of a trauma suffered seventeen years earlier.

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24.03.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

When a famous Rembrandt nude is stolen while it is in transit on a moving elevator, Murdoch, who was present during the theft, finds himself asking how, not who.

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31.03.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

When a traveling circus comes to town, a series of murders, starting with the beautiful tiger trainer, take center ring with Murdoch and Brackenreid.

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07.04.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

When Murdoch finds himself invited to a meeting of the local eugenics society, which is committed to research on genetic engineering, a dog shows up with a severed arm.

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14.04.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

Two murdered but well-preserved bodies are found after a shed is torn down, and it's discovered that one of them had fought in the War of 1812.

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21.04.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

Murdoch investigates the suicides of heirs to a great manor house and family fortune, but evidence begins to mount that it might be murder.

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28.04.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

Detective Murdoch investigates a bizarre case when a convicted murderer apparently manages to survive the hangman's noose.

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05.05.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

A model who poses for naughty postcard photos but moonlights as a prostitute is found strangled in the park. It is discovered that she was blackmailing her clients.

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12.05.10, 2:00
12 лет назад

When Murdoch discovers that a victim has been cooked, he enlists the aid of Nicholas Tesla in tracking down a weaponized early version of a microwave.

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