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5 серия 2 сезона сериала Психо-паспорт

05.11.14 в 18:50 (Мск) на канале Fuji TV
2 года назад

Unforbidden Games

It is revealed that Kamui, who now has Shisui under his will, is using her eye in order to wield a Dominator. Meanwhile, as the MSWPB investigate the crime scene, Mika spots Togane checking up on Akane's Crime Coefficient. The next day, as new enforcers are brought in, both Division 1 and 3 are sent to investigate a drone warehouse, where Akane and Togane discover a hidden area behind a holographic wall, finding masks of people's faces and another WC? message. Just then, the drones in the factory start activating and shooting down innocent, unknowingly being controlled by people playing a "Hungry Chicken" mobile game. Meanwhile, as Jouji is tasked with interrogating Masuda, deducing from footage of his speeches that he is in fact a different person entirely, Mika investigates Togane's quarters and discovers an obsessive amount of files and photos of Akane.

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