Последний настоящий мужчина / Last Man Standing

Последний настоящий мужчина

Last Man Standing


ABC , 2011 - 2017


1 чел
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12 серия 6 сезона сериала Последний настоящий мужчина

07.01.17 в 3:00 (Мск) на канале ABC
4 года назад

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Three Sisters

When Mike and Vanessa turn down Eve's request for money to cover some recording equipment, Kristin jumps in and offers to front the bill. Mike later confronts Kristin for undercutting his parenting and giving money to Eve, and Kristin snaps back at him for always spoiling Mandy. Back at the Outdoor Man office, Kyle and Ed have an extremely awkward encounter that, in a strange way, brings them closer together. Later on at the Baxter home, dinner turns into disaster, as Eve, Mandy and Kristin argue about how unfairly their parents treat them. With everyone at odds, Mike and Vanessa come up with a plan to reunite the girls.

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