Последний настоящий мужчина / Last Man Standing

Последний настоящий мужчина

Last Man Standing


ABC , 2011 - 2017


1 чел
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1 серия 6 сезона сериала Последний настоящий мужчина

24.09.16 в 3:00 (Мск) на канале ABC
4 года назад

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Papa Bear

Mike arrives for work at Outdoor Man to discover Kyle feeding stray cats off the warehouse's loading dock and quickly puts a stop to it. Meanwhile, Kristin has been working so hard preparing to host her very first brunch at the Outdoor Man Grill that husband Ryan has been feeling neglected. Later on, while watching the security camera feed, Chuck and Mike notice that Kyle left the loading dock door open, and after a closer look, they spot a surprising intruder – a giant bear. Mike now has to find a way to get the bear out of Outdoor Man and keep his family safe.

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