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Поколение убийц

Generation Kill


HBO , 2008

военный , драма

60 мин / 7 часов

Вторжение американцев в Ирак в 2003 году глазами рядовых пехотинцев армии США. В центре повествования Первый Разведывательный батальон морской пехоты. В лагерь Матильда, Кувейт, прибывает журналист Эван Райт в исполнении старого знакомого Ли Тергесона, который будет сопровождать войска в их наступлении на столицу — город Багдад. Два месяца войны без прикрас.

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25.08.08, 4:00
10 лет назад

Bravo reaches Baghdad and is shocked by the sheer size and scope of the city. They set up shop in an abandoned cigarette factory with a chance to rest for a bit, although the factory grounds aren't quite as secure as they'd like. Hampered by having only one translator for the battalion, First Recon can only send out sporadic patrols into the city. During those patrols they discover the list of problems the Iraqis face is much greater than the Marines could imagine. Their attempts to help are thwarted by ever-changing assignments, a lack of necessary supplies, unruly locals and cultural misunderstandings. While Colbert worries about his friend Kocher, who has been demoted, Lt. Fick becomes more and more disillusioned with the lack of a plan in Baghdad and refuses an order that would put his men in danger. The men learn their final night in Baghdad is upon them and celebrate in a soccer stadium. They head south to an abandoned Iraqi army base to wrap things up, but not before "Captain America's" misguided enthusiasm has disastrous results. The Marines take inventory and reflect on their time in Iraq, and tensions that have been simmering throughout finally boil over during a friendly football game. "Scribe" says his goodbyes to the men and has an interesting conversation with Ferrando before heading off. One of the Recon Marines shows the movie he's put together from footage he's shot, and the men enjoy the sights and sounds before drifting off.

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