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Dark Blue

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Лето 2009 - Осень 2009

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Cериал про группу полицейских под таким прикрытием, что про них почти никто ничего не знает. Каждый день они ставят свои жизни под угрозу, чтобы поймать самых жестоких преступников.

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16.07.09, 4:00
13 лет назад

Carter Shaw tries to take down a gang leader responsible for torturing an FBI agent and leaving him for dead. He also trains his newest team member, a fetching patrol cop who proves to be an expert prevaricator.

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23.07.09, 4:00
13 лет назад

Ty goes undercover to take down a gun trafficker, but he breaks crucial rules by seeing his wife on her birthday, potentially blowing his cover. Carter must obtain a cool $100,000 to protect Ty's mission---and save his life.

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30.07.09, 4:00
13 лет назад

The sting is on when Carter's team targets a sly drug dealer with a professional background in law.

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06.08.09, 4:00
13 лет назад

Ty and Dean team up to crush a rough-hewn Korean mob boss, but tension grows between the two undercover men when Ty works cautiously and Dean adopts a rash, less careful approach.

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13.08.09, 4:00
13 лет назад

The team scrambles to rescue an abducted woman before her captor kills her. The deep undercover mission features Ty as a hood, Dean as a security guard and Jaimie risking all by posing as a potential victim. But FBI interference disrupts the case, raising Carter's ire.

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20.08.09, 4:00
12 лет назад

The team goes deep in the shadows to trounce a crime ring that is planning a big diamond heist, with Dean and Jaimie establishing rapport with a major player by posing as a married couple. Meanwhile, Melissa informs Ty that she wants to start a family, a development that causes Ty to reconsider his dangerous profession.

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27.08.09, 4:00
12 лет назад

The undercover team pursues a crooked yet decorated cop, but this assignment to crush a fellow police officer hits Ty's conscience hard---particularly after his wife floors him with big news.

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03.09.09, 4:00
12 лет назад

The covert crew penetrates a turf war between two feuding gangs, one of which is a new and highly dangerous pack that's trying to seize the heroin market. In other developments, Ty's cash-strapped sister is in need of $7000, which Ty and Melissa can't provide.

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10.09.09, 4:00
12 лет назад

Jaimie revisits her dark past when she goes undercover as her former self in a mission to crush a big-shot smuggler. For the case to succeed, she must reconnect with a bygone acquaintance---and ask a big favor of her boyfriend.

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17.09.09, 4:00
12 лет назад

Carter surfaces as the prime suspect in an undercover officer's slaying. Meanwhile, Melissa pushes Ty to quit his dangerous undercover profession and start a family. And Jaimie's boyfriend lands a new job in San Francisco.

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