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Once Upon a Time

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07.10.17, 3:00
4 месяца назад

Years after he leaves Storybrooke, Henry finds himself in Seattle trying to write a second book. A young girl, Lucy, arrives at his doorstep and claims that he's her daughter, even though he remembers his family dying in a fire. Now Henry travels to Hyperion Heights and meets some familiar faces as well as newcomers as he tries to discover the truth about his past.

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14.10.17, 3:00
4 месяца назад

When Henry finds himself in trouble, he calls upon his Storybrooke family for help, and together they set off on a mission to find Cinderella. Along the way, Hook is confronted by an unexpected foe who threatens the group's success. In Hyperion Heights, Jacinda searches for a way to see Lucy with some unwelcome assistance from Henry, while Victoria Belfrey enlists the help of Gold and Weaver to push Henry out of the neighborhood.

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21.10.17, 3:00
4 месяца назад

Victoria plans to destroy the community garden, and makes Jacinda an offer that she can't refuse. In the past, the reason for Tremaine's hatred of Cinderella is revealed... as well as what she plans for the future.

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28.10.17, 3:00
3 месяца назад

Lucy runs away from Ivy, when Ivy is forced to take her trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, Tilly tells Weaver that she knows who he really is. In the past, Gold and Belle search for a way to end the Dark One's curse.

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04.11.17, 3:00
3 месяца назад

Sabine convinces Jacinda to join her in a baginet-making operation so that they can escape Victoria's tyranny, but Victoria has a plan of her own. In the past, Tiana sets out to find a prince with the help of a traveling soothsayer, Dr. Facilier, but Facilier has a plan to get the Firefly Ruby in Tiana's possession.

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11.11.17, 3:00
3 месяца назад

Roni convinces Weaver to check on Lucy's story of Regina Mills adopting a baby boy in Boston. Meanwhile, Rogers turns to Tilly for help with Eloise's disappearance, and in the past Regina teaches Drizella how to do magic.

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18.11.17, 3:00
3 месяца назад

Rogers gets a lead on Eloise's location, but is unaware that he's being played to release someone more powerful than he knows. In the past, Hook climbs a tower to rescue the long-haired beauty within and obtain a magical flower that he needs to get his revenge.

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18.11.17, 4:00
3 месяца назад

Jacinda turns to an old friend to help get Lucy back, disappointing Henry in the process. Meanwhile, Gothel demands that Ivy bring her Anastasia's body, and Rogers finds himself at loose ends now that he's found Eloise.

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09.12.17, 3:00
2 месяца назад

Victoria negotiates a release from jail by offering Weaver information on the Guardian. Meanwhile, Jacinda turns to Nick for help when she needs the paperwork on Lucy checked, while Rogers discovers that Weaver is investigating the residents of Hyperion Heights.

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16.12.17, 3:00
2 месяца назад

Regina finds Zelena in San Francisco and tries to awaken her memories. Meanwhile, Henry rushes to Lucy's side and tries to wake her with true love's kiss. In the past, Drizella and Gothel capture Henry and force Regina to cast the curse.

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