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Небо в цвету! 1 сезон

Весна 2020 - Осень 2020

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Конец XIX века. Гениальный асоциальный инженер Сорано Аппарэ и мудрый, но трусливый самурай Косамэ приплывают в Америку. Оставшись без средств к существованию, они решают принять участие в гонках, чтобы выиграть призовые деньги и вернуться домой. Их ждут соперники, бандиты и другие неожиданности в невероятном путешествии по пустыне и через всю Америку, от Лос-Анджелеса до Нью-Йорка, в которое друзья отправляются на построенной ими паровой машине.

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10.04.20, 15:30
6 месяцев назад
A colorful cast of racers sets off on the Trans-America Wild Race, a competition to be the first to drive their car from Los Angeles to New York to win a large cash prize. The show flashes back to one year earlier, where a samurai named Kosame Isshiki is tasked by Lord Kuroda to oversee Appare Sorano, an eccentric inventor whose latest contraption damaged the Lord's garden. In anger, Kuroda threw Appare in a jail cell with violent criminals, but Appare breaks out and quietly heads back to his room on his family's land. Kosame begs Appare to ask the Lord for forgiveness, but Appare ignores him, heading down a secret passageway to a custom mini steamship he has built. Appare says goodbye to his sister and heads out on his ship, with Kosame trying to drag him back, but Kosame accidentally hits the emergency throttle, stranding them both at sea with no food or fresh water. Miraculously, a large steamship passes by and rescues them, carrying them all the way to port in Los Angeles in America.
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17.04.20, 15:30
6 месяцев назад
Appare and Kosame set up in a storehouse near the Los Angeles port when the steamship captain informs them they'll be stuck there unless they earn enough money to pay for a trip back home. The pair have no luck finding jobs, until Kosame uses his sword training to earn some money on the street. Later that day, the two come across a racetrack where the B.I.G. Boss auto conglomerate announces a prize of $1.51 Million to anyone who can beat their racecar and win in the Trans-America Wild Race to New York. Appare decides to enter the race, and sneaks onto the racetrack later that night with Kosame to study the cars up close. Appare wanders onto the racetrack while looking for a lantern and nearly gets run over by another racer. The racer in question is Jing Xialian, a "chore girl" who was denied being able to race due to prejudice against women, and she fears being fired for racing a car without permission and breaking it while trying to dodge Appare. Appare responds that she shouldn't let other people dissuade her from racing, as he secretly fixes the car overnight. The next night, Kosame tries to confront some thugs who are beating up a child, but suddenly has a bout of PTSD and can't draw his sword. He is saved at the last moment by another gunman.
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24.04.20, 15:30
6 месяцев назад
The thugs flee when they discover the gunman is Dylan of the "Thousand Three". The next day, the boy tells Appare and Kosame his name is Hototo, and that he came to the city from a tribe in the north-eastern US to find the man who killed his parents. Later, A European driver, Al Lyon, lands at the port with Sophia, hoping to win the Wild Race and prove to his family that he is a worthy heir to the BNW company. While drinking tea, Al informs Appare and Kosame that he has bought the storehouse in which they are staying. Appare proposes that if he can make a car to beat Al's in 10 days, they'll keep the storehouse, and he offers Kosame's swords as collateral. After visiting Jing for spare parts, Appare returns and mounts his wind-up two wheeler invention.[b] Appare and Al then raise the stakes to include wagering Appare's two wheeler against Al's BNW car. On the day of the race, Appare chooses a wasteland track on the outskirts of the city, and arrives in a large contraption with Kosame. Despite Al having the faster car, Appare ejects a piece of his vehicle and slingshots Kosame to the finish line, winning the race. Al lets Appare keep the storehouse, Appare gives his two wheeler to Sophia, and the two racers pledge to have even better cars at the official Wild Race.
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24.07.20, 15:30
3 месяца назад
Kosame has the idea of selling Al's car to pay for a return trip to Japan, but Appare has completely disassembled it to integrate its parts with his own vehicle. Meanwhile, Jing is frustrated by the patronizing attitude of her boss and his driver David against women. Following an altercation, the owner gives her a chance to race David using an old spare racer, before she is fired. She manages to get the broken-down car to Appare who convinces Al to repair it. On the day of the race, David leads for 9 laps in his faster car after Jing loses her early lead. On the last lap, her strategy of tailing David pays off and she gains the lead, but as they approach the finish line, he shoves her car off the track and wins. The owner punches David for endangering his car, but he is impressed by Jing’s skill and offers her the car for the Trans-America race. In a change of heart, some mechanics offer to modify the car for her. Later, Dylan Oldin, driver at the GM company, learns that Iron Motor Company has hired Crazy TJ as a driver and that Gil the Butcher is also entering the race.
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31.07.20, 15:30
2 месяца назад
On the eve of the Trans-America Wild Race, Kosame quits his part-time job at Bob's Café and the team attend a pre-start party. They meet Seth Rich Carter and the other competitors, Crazy TJ, Gil T. Cigar and his partner, Chase. The rules are explained to the competitors which encourage the use of gasoline as the fuel and forced rest stops which benefit the larger manufacturers. Outside, Hototo confronts Dylan about the man wearing a snake tattoo who killed his family and Dylan reveals that is was probably one of Gil the Snake's men. TJ interrupts the draw for pole positions, and the event descends into chaos as a fight ensues to decide the position. The next day, the race begins and Appare takes off with Kosame and Hototo in the only steam-powered vehicle, in last position.
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07.08.20, 15:30
2 месяца назад
The racers head towards the finish line of the first stage in the town of Lancaster, and Dylan wins followed closely by Crazy TJ. Appare's vehicle arrives in last position although he made up time in his slower machine by driving cross-country. During the rest stop, Hototo sees a snake tattoo on one of Gil's men, and follows them to their camp. He overhears Chase plotting to slow everyone down with a roadblock at the entrance of the Valley of Despair, then bursting through the roadblock themselves. They then plan to set off an explosion as the other competitors pass through behind them on the way to Death Valley. Unfortunately, Hototo is captured and Gil's men lock him in a box, planning to blow him up with the dynamite the next day. Kosame realizes Hototo is missing and while searching for the boy, Richard Riesman tells him the location of Gil's camp. Kosame finds the camp but not Hototo. At midnight, all the racers except for Appare leave for the next stage, but they are soon stopped by Gil's barricade. Meanwhile, Hototo has managed to escape and he joins Appare and Kosame just as dawn breaks. Appare drives his vehicle off after the other cars while Hototo explains to them Gil's plan to dynamite the valley.
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14.08.20, 15:30
2 месяца назад
Appare has installed a gasoline engine from Al's car in his vehicle alongside the steam engine to increase its power output. Meanwhile, Gil bursts through his blockade in his armoured vehicle and into the Valley of Despair. His men set off an explosion behind them to create another blockage for the other competitors. Appare's vehicle is almost caught by falling rocks, but although he manages to dodge them he damages his engines in the process. Al and Jing turn back and offer to take turns towing them to the next supply point and Appare reluctantly agrees. They camp for the night and everyone appears to have useful survival skills except Appare who has no practical experience. The next morning at the supply point in Eli, Nevada, Gil, Reisman and Buffalo Bill are preparing to drive off, when Al, Jing and Appare arrive. They accuse Gil of causing the roadblock, but their action is not specifically prohibited by the rules. Hototo blocks the road demanding revenge for his father's death, but surprisingly, Gil removes his mask and reveals that he is Chase's brother Tristan and they are the really "Bad Brothers" and not killers. Then, as "Gil" is about to head off, he discovers that Appare had sabotaged his vehicle, requiring Gil's team to spend the next eight hours reassembling it.
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21.08.20, 15:30
2 месяца назад
Appare, Al and Jing set off for the next stage, but come upon a group of other competitors who have been attacked by men on horseback. The only survivor is Richard Reaseman, left alive by the men wearing snake tattoos to warn the others that everyone in the race will die. Surprisingly, Appare decides to go after them and Al and Jing agree. Hototo tracks the killers to an unfriendly small town, but after a short investigation, they find themselves surrounded by Gil's armed men. The group tries to fight their way out but are beaten and captured, except for Kosame who could not draw his sword and is left lying in the street. He is taken in by the sympathetic saloon keeper and after he tells her about the killing of his mother, he realizes that he must save his friends. At sundown, Kosame finds his friends about to be hung in the main street, and challenges the killers. When they prepare to shoot him, Kosame finally draws his sword and skillfully defeats them, killing only their leader when he refuses to surrender and fires at Kosame. That evening, they arrive at the next supply point, Denver, Colorado, behind the leaders, Dylan, TJ and Riesman. Meanwhile, the real Gil T. Cigar assures his backers that he has the situation under control.
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28.08.20, 15:30
2 месяца назад
The race is plotted on a different route following the deaths of some competitors by unknown attackers, however Riesman decides to pull out. While the arrangements are made to uses a different supply point, the drivers are granted a one day layover. Appare tries to solve the problem of heat exchange between his two engines and on Al’s suggestion he approaches Seth Rich Carter, who was a former engineer. Carter refuses, although he is intrigued by Appare's engine configuration. After exchanging words, Al challenges TJ who proposes a drinking contest, but after one glass of tequila, Al passes out. Sofie takes Al's place and surprisingly out-drinks TJ and takes the rest of the bottle with her as she leaves the saloon with Al. Kosame and Jing spend some time sparring before they go to bathe in hot springs with Hototo. They find the other competitors there, but fortunately they all take the time to relax and indulge in a little horseplay. The next day, Appare's vehicle is ready to join the other competitors when they leave for the next destination, North Platte, Nebraska.
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04.09.20, 15:30
1 месяц назад
The cars take off and so does the train, in a race to be the first to cross Missouri's railroad bridge. On the train, Riesman meets his backer who expected him to stop the race, but he throws the railroad magnate out of the window. He then announces to the passengers that he is Gil T. Cigar and blows up the rear carriages of the train. His bandits take control of the train as it reaches the bridge and then he runs towards the racers stopped nearby, shouting for help. Dylan and TJ realize something is wrong and identify him as Gil the Butcher. TJ challenges Gil, but he is too fast and he knocks out TJ. Dylan stops Gil from shooting TJ, and when one of Gil's men intervenes, Gil kills him. Gil reminds Dylan and the racers that he has taken the train passengers hostage, including Sofia, and demands 1.51 million dollars ransom from B.I.G. Boss. After ridiculing Dylan for letting his beloved Claudia die, he and his group shoot bullet holes into the competitors' vehicles, disabling them. When Appare shouts for him to stop Gil shoots at him, but Kosame takes the bullet instead. Gil leaves with the train and Sofia as Kosame passes out from loss of blood.
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11.09.20, 15:30
1 месяц назад
Tristan and Chase arrive late at the scene in their beaten up vehicle to find Kosame shot by Gil the Butcher. They take Kosame to hospital while the damaged cars are towed back into town. Kosume’s bullet is removed, but he remains unconscious in a hospital in a critical condition. Appare becomes despondent and refuses to continue the race, but Al decides to get his car roadworthy and rescue Sofia from Gil. Kosame eventually regains consciousness and he inspires Appare not to give up hope, and Appare convinces the other drivers to rescue Sofia and continue the race. Surprisingly, Seth Rich Carter risks his job by allocating his mechanics to assist in repairing everyone's cars.
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18.09.20, 15:30
1 месяц назад
Gil the Butcher amuses himself by mistreating his hostages in the church of an abandoned town. The Great Race competitors complete repairs to their vehicles after Carter offers the services of his mechanics. Kosame recovers sufficiently from his injuries and he joins Appare and the other competitors to head for Gil's likely hideout, a ghost town 90km away. When they arrive, Dylan and TJ make a frontal attack on Gil's Snakes while the others try to locate and rescue the hostages. Meanwhile one of Gil's lieutenants brings him Carter, but he is followed by the wounded Chase. Gil angrily shoots his own man for failing to fulfil his orders to slaughter the rescuers. Gradually the competitors overcome Gil's other lieutenants and eventually track him down to the local church.
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25.09.20, 15:30
1 месяц назад
The group of rescuers enter the church and prepare to attack Gil. He fires at them but Kosame deflects the bullets in a pre-planned strategy. While Gil reloads they all attack, but in close combat Gil is too fast and skilled for them and they retreat. Gil reveals that Sofia is on the train bound for Chicago where he intends for it to crash into the terminal station and cause massive destruction. The rescuers attack again, but this time Gil is hit in the back by a flare lit by Appare, momentarily distracting him and allowing time for Dylan and TJ to arrive. Appere and the other drivers catch the train as just it reaches the outskirts of Chicago. They cannot release Sofia, so Appere uses his bizarre vehicle to bring the train to a stop just in time. Back in the ghost town Dylan and TJ finally manage to defeat Gil and bring him in. One month later, the racers approach the race finish in New York. Dylan, TJ, Al and Jing are in the lead, but Appare, Kosame and Hototo manage a final boost and cross the finish line first. Later, everyone prepares to leave for home, but Appare decides to stay in the United States because he wants to build a flying machine. Kosame books passage back to Japan, but at the last moment he decides to stay with Appare.
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