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Сериал Медики Чикаго / Chicago Med
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Медики Чикаго

Chicago Med


NBC , 2015 - ...


60 мин

Сериал рассказывает о команде врачей, работающих в чикагской больнице. Каждый день им приходится работать в полном хаосе и разбираться с уникальными случаями.

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21.10.16, 4:00
2 дней,22 часов назад

A car accident that occurs at the Chicago Marathon leaves a victim in critical condition and tests the mettle of Dr. Halstead, April and her fourth-year medical resident brother Noah, who must perform a difficult procedure in the field. A mother brings in her 8-year-old girl experiencing a sudden hearing loss and Dr. Manning is left to tend to the case, which takes a complicated turn. Dr. Choi deals with Olga, a woman who is malnourished, prompting him to bring in Dr. Charles to help assess the case. Meanwhile, Goodwin takes measures to get her personal life in order.

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28.10.16, 4:00
через 4 дней,1 час

Dr. Manning tends to a young cancer patient and struggles to inform the parents of her dire condition. Elsewhere, Dr. Reese gets contacted by Danny, the troubled young man, and turns to Dr. Charles and Det. Lindsay for help in resolving a difficult situation. Goodwin and Maggie do their best to clear the logjam in the hospital and Dr. Rhodes fine-tunes his instincts after both Dr. Latham and Dr. Halstead pick up on things he doesn't. Meanwhile, a teenage science geek and her friends impress Dr. Choi and Natalie with their bio-engineering lab.

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