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Журналист газеты раскрывает мошенничество в большой международной компании и обнаруживает, что в это вовлечены его родные. Все это рушит его карьеру и семейные отношения…

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01.01.14, 22:30
8 лет назад

Uncompromising journalist Peter Verås pursues tips from an anonymous source about a scandal involving bribery and embezzlement at one of Norway's leading finance companies. When this leads to the suicide of a senior executive, who happens to be his brother Daniel, the grief-stricken Peter quits his investigative job at the Evening Times and takes up sports reporting. Until 5 years later, when he and his brother's widow Eva receive a mysterious posthumous message from her husband, implying that all is not as it seems. Then another executive, Åge Haugen, commits suicide in front of him, saying the word "Abraham."

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06.01.14, 22:30
8 лет назад

The police suspect Peter of having something to do with the recent death, which like his brother's 5 years earlier, occurred on October 22nd. He continues his secret investigation, joined by economic crimes analyst Vibeke Haglund, digging deeper into ties with foreign companies, his suspicions deepening that there is a conspiracy of some kind.

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13.01.14, 22:30
8 лет назад

Peter and Vibeke receive an incriminating video from an anonymous source. After finding that both suicides were in possession of paintings referring to child offering in the Bible, Peter is sure that someone pushed them to suicide out of concern for the safety of their children. Peter's estranged nephew Andreas also starts to dig into his late father's past. At this point, attention turns to how financier Tom Lied rose so quickly to become one of Norway's wealthiest men.

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20.01.14, 22:30
8 лет назад

Peter and the team from the Evening Times suspect a conspiracy that reaches deep into the corridors of power within finance, politics and media, involving bigger crimes than suicide. But if others are in his brother's situation, they are too afraid to reveal themselves. A mysterious whistle blower has been trying to warn Peter about what happened, and Peter must find him if he is to determine what started everything 25 years earlier.

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27.01.14, 22:30
8 лет назад

Peter and Eva desperately try to find his nephew Andreas, who has disappeared. Going to the police will put his life further in danger. Then a coded message leads them and Vibeke to the discovery of a secret network.

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03.02.14, 22:30
8 лет назад

Peter is running out of options. With everyone who was helping him injured or killed, Peter is now Norway's most wanted man, pursued by both the police and the conspirators, as he races against the clock to rescue his nephew and uncover the truth behind the shadowy criminal cabal. Can he get help from his old boss, Frank Mathiesen?

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