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The Little Drummer Girl

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Маленькая барабанщица 1 сезон

Осень 2018 - Зима 2018

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Будучи на отдыхе в Греции, молодая актриса Чарли знакомится с Беккером. Довольно скоро выясняется, что мужчиной движет не любовный интерес. Он — офицер израильской разведки, который втягивает Чарли в смертельно опасную борьбу западных спецслужб с терроризмом в Европе и на Ближнем Востоке.

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28.10.18, 23:00
5 лет назад

Germany, 1979. When a bomb goes off in the diplomatic quarter of Bonn, senior Israeli intelligence agent Martin Kurtz flies in to investigate. A series of similarly deadly attacks targeting prominent Jewish figures across Europe have been carried out in recent weeks, and Kurtz now believes there is a Palestinian revolutionary at the heart of this pattern. Kurtz sets in motion a brilliant and elaborate plan to catch the kingpin, Khalil…

Meanwhile in London, a passionate young actress, Charlie, is treading the boards of pub theatres and struggling to land a breakthrough part. She drifts from one bad relationship to another, unable to find her purpose in life. When an anonymous benefactor sends Charlie and her theatre troupe on a rehearsal jaunt to Greece, she feels renewed vigour. But a working holiday soon becomes a journey of discovery when she encounters a mysterious stranger on the beach. She names him Joseph for his "coat of many colours". Despite her better judgement, Charlie cannot help but be drawn to his aloof demeanor and she is unable to shake the feeling that she's seen him somewhere before. They embark on a whirlwind romance, but all is not what it seems.

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04.11.18, 23:00
5 лет назад

Charlie is recruited with the promise of the role of a lifetime to infiltrate a dangerous revolutionary cell. As a cover story, she and Becker must pose as lovers.

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11.11.18, 23:30
5 лет назад

Alone, undercover and continuing to pose as Michel's lover, Charlie drives his red Mercedes loaded with explosives. Meanwhile, Kurtz masterfully extracts operational details about the drop-off from his prisoner, Michel. And Charlie makes her first inroads as a false insert in Michel's very real militia cell.

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18.11.18, 23:00
5 лет назад

As Charlie descends deeper into the rabbit hole, she feels torn about the choice she's being asked to make and the human cost of Kurtz's operation. Kurtz tries to convince Charlie that her commitment is for the greater good and she is the lynchpin that will take them to the targets they have been hunting for years. Charlie's decision to cross the point of no return will ultimately depend on Becker's ability to persuade her, but her choice is complicated when she and Becker finally succumb to the attraction they feel for one another.

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25.11.18, 23:00
5 лет назад

Charlie joins a group of revolutionaries in Lebanon, with no one to save her if she is exposed as a spy. She works to earn the trust of Khalil and Michel's sister, Fatmeh.

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02.12.18, 23:00
5 лет назад

Khalil takes Charlie to an isolated house where he builds a bomb for the planned attack on Professor Minkel, an outspoken academic. Meanwhile, Kurtz and Becker are concerned about Charlie's state of mind and where her allegiances lie.

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