Макдональд и Доддс - 2 сезон

Макдональд и Доддс

McDonald & Dodds


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Макдональд и Доддс 2 сезон

Зима 2021 - Весна 2021

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28.02.21, 22:00
2 месяца назад

Barbara, Mick, Gordon and Jackie were rising stars in the 1980s who went on to have high profile careers. Now living in Bath together, there are secrets from the past which could threaten their comfortable existences.

On a surprise day out, the four friends are joined by their other housemate Frankie on a surprise hot air balloon trip. As they ascend above beautiful Bath, disaster strikes and suddenly the balloon lurches out of control. Panic rises and as the basket strains under the weight of the group, it dawns on them that they can't all survive.

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07.03.21, 22:00
2 месяца назад

A birthday weekend away goes devastatingly wrong when Angela and four of her friends travel down from Glasgow to celebrate in Bath.

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