Макдональд и Доддс - 1 сезон

Макдональд и Доддс

McDonald & Dodds

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Макдональд и Доддс 1 сезон

Весна 2020

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Застенчивый, но очень внимательный к деталям детектив Доддс и его энергичная коллега, детектив Макдональд, расследуют дела в городе Бат.

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01.03.20, 22:00
2 года назад

When a homeless man is shot in the deserted mansion of one of Bath's most prominent industrialists, the inventor Max Crockett, newly arrived Londoner DCI McDonald and long-serving DS Dodds rally together to try and discover the killer.

In the Crockett family, they find an outwardly perfect, close-knit group with three successful daughters in loving relationships, devoid of any obvious motive to murder, but it soon becomes apparent that each have their own secrets to hide.

Faced with evasive suspects and a seemingly inexplicable crime, they quickly learn that not all is as it seems in the House of Crockett.

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08.03.20, 22:00
2 года назад

Adjusting to life in Bath, DCI McDonald and partner, DS Dodds, are called to the Mara Retreat, a private rehabilitation clinic, to investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy patient. However, they are immediately thrown into a world of smoke and mirrors as they navigate the complex and sensitive issues of her remaining tight-knit therapy group, forcing McDonald to use clandestine methods to get closer to the truth. As they dig deeper, they discover a plethora of lies, murder, betrayal and a hidden ruse to secure fortune and freedom, but at what price?

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