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Franklin & Bash


TNT , 2011 - 2014

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06.06.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

Peter and Jared seek a promotion by trying to sign a beverage-company bigwig as a client. Elsewhere, Peter is attracted to a sightly lady police officer.

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13.06.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

Jared and Peter's first manslaughter case centers on an aspiring crime fighter charged with pursuing a man who later died. Meanwhile, Peter's mother pays a visit and delivers big news; and Pindar battles his phobias.

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20.06.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

While Peter and Jared defend one of Infeld's former wives who's charged with kidnapping a dog, they happen upon two fellows who are low-level versions of themselves. Elsewhere, Karp teams up with Pindar on a robbery case, only to have to deal with Pindar's various eccentricities.

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27.06.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

Jared must serve as a small-claims judge and ends up making an unfortunate ruling that irks the rock-music community. He's forced to square off in court against his father in a case that spins around a legendary rock bigwig. Meanwhile, Infeld's spiritual adviser is exposed as a fraud.

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04.07.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

Peter and Jared advocate for a notable judge who's charged with having an affair with a lawyer. Meanwhile, lusty tension heats up between Peter and Janie; and Karp defends a college pal.

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11.07.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

Peter and Jared work on a case in which a former chop-shop worker is charged with a premeditated attack. Later, the guys rumble with an all-powerful district attorney. Meanwhile, a pretty law student arrives for a summer program.

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18.07.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

The guys aid two female Navy sailors who are charged with assault. Hanna helps in the case, but she may have hidden motives in doing so. Meanwhile, Pindar mediates a dispute between virtual-business owners; and Karp tangles with a summer associate.

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25.07.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

The guys work for a widow, helping her keep possession of her late husband's body before it's immortalized as a dancer in a bizarre human-body exhibit. Elsewhere, a stalker menaces Stanton Infeld; and Hanna connects with an old college friend.

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01.08.12, 5:00
10 лет назад

A former client accuses Peter and Jared of misconduct, spinning into motion an internal investigation against the duo and putting their jobs in peril. Before long, the case yields an unexpected new love interest for Jared.

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15.08.12, 5:00
9 лет назад

Jared's father attempts to buy the firm. Meanwhile, Peter helps a high-school friend who's running for governor but is plagued by a scandal.

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