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В 2019 году Штатами уже 27 лет правит Роберт Редфорд, интернет был убит ещё в зародыше, а полиция скрывает свои лица за жёлтыми масками. Тем временем по всей Америке даёт о себе знать радикальный правый культ Роршаха, призывающий к войне против полиции. Всё это время продолжают действовать новые борцы с преступностью, на горизонте маячит очередной конец света, а Доктор Манхэттен устал от одиночества на Марсе и решил заглянуть на Землю.

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3 месяца назад

In a world not so different from our own, policemen wear masks to protect their identities so their loved ones can't be harmed by criminals. The 7th Kavalry, a supremacist group, emerges from hiding with a plan that threatens the world. And somewhere, the Lord of the Manor writes a play as squids rain down from the sky.

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2 месяца назад

Angela easily captures the man who claims to have murdered Judd, but soon doubts his guilt. Adrian's servants present The Watchmaker's Son, and the police move in on the Seventh Kavalry.

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2 месяца назад

The former Silk Spectre, Laurie Blake, is asked by Senator Keene to investigate Judd's death. She soon learns that the circumstances surrounding Judd's hanging aren't what the FBI were told, and makes a call to Mars. Meanwhile, Adrian goes buffalo-hunting and receives a warning shot.

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2 месяца назад

Reclusive trillionaire Lady Trieu finally enters the stage with a mysterious offer. With Blake getting closer to the truth of her coverup, Angela enlists Looking Glass for help. Meanwhile, The Lord trains two new servants.

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2 месяца назад

Looking Glass' backstory is revealed, from where he was on 11/2 to his current-day activities... and his betrayal of a friend. Meanwhile, Adrian escapes his captivity but is rudely pulled back to reality.

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1 месяц назад

The true origin of Hooded Justice is revealed as Angela overdoses on Nostalgia.

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02.12.19, 4:00
1 месяц назад

Angela recovers from her Nostalgia OD, and the treatment mixes the memories of her own life with those of Will's. Laurie finds a 7K operative, and Trieu tells Angela about her plan to save humanity.

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09.12.19, 4:00
1 месяц назад

When Angela met Dr. Manhattan, and the two of them try to make their relationship work. On Europa, Adrian gets a birthday present.

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16.12.19, 4:00
1 месяц назад

Angela, Wade, and Laurie face off against 7K and Cyclops, and Trieu reveals her plan within their plans.

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