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Гранд тур

The Grand Tour

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Автомобильные обзоры, приключения по всему миру, встречи со знаменитостями и юмор, который является непременным атрибутом каждого выпуска.

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Последняя серия

15.02.19, 7:00
5 дней назад

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are in the vast Chinese megacity of Chongqing with some valuable consumer advice for business people across all of China; don't spend huge sums on a brand new luxury car when you could pop over to Europe, buy a second-hand executive limo and ship it home for a fraction of the cost. To prove their point, the three hosts tour the city and beyond in an old Mercedes S600, an ageing BMW 750iL and a 20-year-old Cadillac STS, encountering a door empire, a sinister camera network, a flame spitting drone and a range of in-car entertainment features along the way. Chongqing is regarded by many as the Detroit of China, and sources suggest that the boys will be filming a piece investigating the industrial development of the city's car industry. Clarkson will also be testing the Hongqi L5 Limousine – something he was very much looking forward to. Also in this show, The Grand Tour discovers an ultra-fast electric supercar called the NIO EP9 and foolishly gives the job of testing it to Richard Hammond.

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AlexFilm 16 февраля, 12:00
Jaskier 17 февраля, 19:00

Следующая серия

22.02.19, 7:00
через 1 день

In this episode, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May set out to prove that not all classic cars have become insanely expensive by finding rare and desirable machines that have yet to accelerate up the appreciation curve. With Clarkson in an Alfa Romeo GTV6, Hammond in a Fiat X1/9 and May in a Lancia Gamma Coupe, the three set off on a road trip around the top of Scotland taking in the sensational driving roads of the North Coast 500, winding their way through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world to a soundtrack of grinding gearboxes, malfunctioning wipers and Richard Hammond complaining about how horribly cold he is. Also in this show, Jeremy is at the Eboladrome to test the new BMW M5 super saloon against the same-but-different Alpina B5.

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AlexFilm 23 февраля, 12:00
Jaskier 24 февраля, 19:00

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