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Год кролика

Year of the Rabbit

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Список серий сериала Год кролика

11.06.19, 0:00
5 месяцев назад

Rabbit and co are tasked with solving the murder of another young woman. It doesn't seem that unusual. That is, until they notice a second bullet hole and a mysterious symbol on her make-up compact.

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18.06.19, 0:00
5 месяцев назад

Rabbit, Strauss and Mabel are on the case of a mysterious killer who takes the guise of the Brick Man, a mythical figure from London folklore. And Lydia emerges from the shadows with designs on Mabel.

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25.06.19, 0:00
4 месяца назад

Rabbit is excluded from an undercover investigation of youth gangs and sent to investigate a series of deaths at an old people's home, leading to him questioning if he is getting too old for police work

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02.07.19, 0:00
4 месяца назад

There's a sniper on the loose. A really bloody good one - he shot two men dead with the same bullet. The attacks appear to be completely random - a church warden in Bow, a solicitor in Clerkenwell. There's no pattern. No logic. And therefore no way of stopping it.

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09.07.19, 0:00
4 месяца назад

As Flora faces the gallows for a crime she didn't commit, Rabbit is caught in an armed siege.

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16.07.19, 0:00
4 месяца назад

Things get a whole lot worse for Rabbit when he wakes up with blood all over his hands and a butchered corpse lying opposite him.

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