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09.12.15, 0:00
4 года назад

Milo discovers that his best friend Danny doesn't want him as his best man. Milo thinks that Danny's fiancè Kate is behind it all, but Danny is sick of Milo refusing to grow up. Milo decides he will bid Danny farewell for good after taking some magic mushrooms and rolling a joint.

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16.12.15, 0:00
4 года назад

Danny and Milo land in a world that feels just like home, but they are confused as people keep taking their pictures.

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23.12.15, 0:00
4 года назад

Danny and Milo find themselves in a world that is on the brink of war. Danny is happy to find out that in this world he is still with Kate, but she isn't attracted to his softer side, so he has to bring out his inner lout again to keep her happy. Milo realises that the version of himself in this universe is even more of a loser then what he normally is.

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30.12.15, 0:00
4 года назад

Milo and Danny end up separated in a desperate and violent world, where the universe as they know it is disintegrating fast. Milo and Danny soon find themselves charged with crimes that transcend the fabric of reality, the pair soon realise the only way they may get out of their situation is by blaming one another for the crimes.

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