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Флауэрсы 2 сезон

Лето 2018

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12.06.18, 0:00
5 лет назад

Maurice and Deborah are on a caravan holiday. Maurice is on medication and seems in a better place, while Deborah is about to become the published author of a book about his depression. Lodger Shun is drinking away the summer days, while Donald has started a plumbing business, and Amy's band the Pink Cuttlefish Orchestra are coming to stay at the ramshackle Flowers' house.

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12.06.18, 0:30
5 лет назад
13.06.18, 0:00
5 лет назад

Consumed by questions of her grandfather's fate and the intoxicating world of Baumgaertner, Amy exists increasingly in a world of her own. The relationship between Deborah and Maurice is further deteriorating and Shun is caught between the warring couple. Plumber Donald is delighted to be asked round to Matilda's, where a blocked sink calls for the deployment of his special Machine. Maurice goes on a bender with Amy's friends, with Donald forced to play chaperone. Deborah focuses her attention on a reading of her self-help book, in which Amy finds a clue that feels like it could just unravel the entire mystery of her grandfather Felix.

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14.06.18, 0:00
5 лет назад

Amy's girlfriend Hylda overcomes her aversion to family situations and goes to confront Deborah about Amy's increasingly strange behaviour. A drunken Maurice has turned the Flowers' home into a party house with the Pink Cuttlefish Orchestra, deaf to the protests of a disapproving Donald. Amy is fighting her way through the racing thoughts and manic images that are flashing through her mind and is about to discover the truth about her grandfather and the origins of the mysterious Baumgaertner book.

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15.06.18, 0:00
5 лет назад

As the dust settles from events of the last few days, the family find themselves back together at the house for the first time in a while. Deborah and Maurice slip back into their roles as mother and father, for the good of their children, while Donald struggles to come to terms with the fact that his twin sister Amy, like his Dad, might be suffering from a mental illness. Amy is determined to get ready for The Pink Cuttlefish Orchestra's scheduled concert in Omsk, but she crashes down into a depressive state and finds herself exhausted and at a loss. Amy summons the last dregs of her energy to perform, for no one but Hylda, a piece that she has inadvertently written about her own struggle with mental illness. Shun revisits the forest where he once encountered the ghosts of his dead family.

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16.06.18, 0:00
5 лет назад

Flowers bows out with a one-off special, stepping away from the present and transporting us instead to a place of peace. Simultaneously haunting and full of hope, this standalone finale breaks with traditional narrative form to give the show's characters the freedom to decide their own fate. Are these images of profound loss, of memories that are now unattainable? Or is it a call to the characters who most need it - that if something was good once, it can be good again.

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