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Сериал рассказывает о приключениях Керри и Кёртана, брата и сестры, живущих в маленькой английской деревне Котсуолд и пытающихся справиться как с типичными проблемами взросления, так и с всепоглощающей провинциальной скукой.

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08.02.17, 2:00
5 лет назад

The team visit a scarecrow festival, an event that both unites and divides the community.

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15.02.17, 2:00
5 лет назад

When Kerry's neighbour, Mandy Harris, starts a tattoo business Kerry is delighted to be one of her first customers. Meanwhile, Kurtan fixates on trying to track down a long-lost school friend.

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22.02.17, 2:00
5 лет назад

This Country investigates how justice is viewed by Kerry and Kurtan, as they await the release from prison of their uncle, Steve ‘Nugget' Nuggins who they believe was wrongfully imprisoned for "having a laugh".

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01.03.17, 2:00
5 лет назад

Unemployment remains high for young people in rural communities. In this episode Kerry and Kurtan attend a talk at the village hall with a business woman who runs what may or may not be a pyramid scheme.

Kerry is inspired and starts a career as a door-to-door saleswoman. However, her focus on the business leads to disharmony with Kurtan, and this is only compounded when he makes some new friends in the village.

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08.03.17, 2:00
5 лет назад

Relationships remain at the heart of rural life. This Country probes the fallout when Kerry's father, Martin, is accused of being a Peeping Tom.

Meanwhile, Kurtan romantically pursues a girl who has just moved into the village, but finds he has a rival for her affections in his friend Slugs.

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15.03.17, 2:00
5 лет назад

The 'brain drain' is a problem for rural communities. In the final episode Kerry and Kurtan explore the possibility of moving away from their village.

Kurtan receives the exciting news that he could go to college to study for a GNVQ - and Kerry is devastated.

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