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Юхан, сын богатого бизнесмена, решает выкупить горнолыжный курорт «Чёрное озеро», который был закрыт с тех пор, как 20 лет назад здесь загадочным образом погибла целая семья. Вместе с группой друзей и своей девушкой Ханне Юхан приезжает на курорт. Компания приятно проводит время, катаясь на лыжах, устраивая вечеринки и флиртуя друг с другом. Но вскоре начинают происходить необъяснимые события, и между друзьями растёт напряжение. Когда ударяют экстремальные морозы, раскол становится ещё более очевидным.

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20.10.16, 22:00
2 года назад

An unsettling chain of events are set into motion when a group of young friends an visit an abandoned ski resort in the far reaches of Sweden. The remote and neglected Black Lake has been closed for years whenJohan invites his friends to stay there. He dreams of reopening the isolated hotel and restoring it to a luxury ski resort, but what begins as a fun research trip soon takes a sinister turn as the group is gripped by a series of unexplained and disturbing events. They soon uncover the real reason Black Lake was abandoned all those years before, and solving the mystery rapidly becomes a matter of life and death.

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27.10.16, 22:00
2 года назад

Hanne, feeling increasingly uncomfortable in the isolated ski resort, tries to find out more about the tragic events that took place there 20 years ago and meets the retired detective who investigated the case.When Johan hears that an anonymous bidder has put an offer in on the property, he doesn't know who to trust and becomes suspicious of his friends.

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03.11.16, 22:00
2 года назад

Hanne finds a new drawing depicting a death in the lake, together with the recurring message 'GAADEK JAAMIT' and looks for a local Sami person who can translate it. Meanwhile, tensions rise at the remoteSwedish ski resort as friends don't know who to trust - everyone seems to be hiding something, and they are not making themselves popular with the locals. Jessan is recovering, and hatches a plan to find out what is going on, but it's not to everyone's liking.

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10.11.16, 22:00
2 года назад

The situation at the isolated ski resort worsens. Jessan has a bad dream and spirals out of control. Osvald has a secret. Johan finds out who the mystery buyer is, and Hanne just wants to go home.

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17.11.16, 22:00
2 года назад

Johan has grand plans for his luxury resort, but as the temperature drops to dangerous levels, he struggles to keep the hotel going without the help of Erkki. Dag decides to take matters into his own hands tomake the guests leave. Hanne makes a terrifying discovery in the cellar. One of the guests goes missing.

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24.11.16, 22:00
2 года назад

The guests have different theories about the tragic events at the Black Lake resort. Is there an evil curse, or are they under threat from the locals? Johan breaks into the cellar.

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01.12.16, 22:00
2 года назад

Mette's suspicion of Dag grows after a fire in the basement, while Hanne is still convinced there is a curse over the place.

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01.12.16, 23:00
2 года назад

Hanne's life is at stake, and she knows the solution lies in the hidden room in the cellar. Will she be able to save herself and the others before it's too late?

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