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Чужестранка 7 сезон

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17.06.23, 3:00
10 месяцев назад

Jamie races towards Wilmington to rescue Claire from the gallows, only to discover that the American Revolution has well and truly reached North Carolina.

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24.06.23, 3:00
10 месяцев назад

Claire makes a startling discovery about Roger and Brianna's newborn daughter. A familiar face returns to the Ridge with explosive consequences.

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01.07.23, 3:00
9 месяцев назад

Jamie discovers Arch Bug has been keeping a dangerous secret. In the 20th century, Roger and Brianna find a link to Jamie and Claire.

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08.07.23, 3:00
9 месяцев назад

On the way to Scotland, Jamie is pulled back into the Revolutionary War. William is sent on a covert mission. Roger and Brianna struggle to adapt to life in the 1980s.

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15.07.23, 3:00
9 месяцев назад

At Ticonderoga, Jamie and Claire prepare for an imminent British assault. Roger compiles information about time travel while Brianna earns the respect of her coworkers.

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22.07.23, 3:00
9 месяцев назад

Jamie and Claire help civilians flee Ticonderoga after the fort falls into British hands. Roger discovers the identity of the mysterious "Nuckelavee".

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8 месяцев назад

Jamie prepares to face British forces in battle. Roger and Brianna question Buck MacKenzie's intentions in the 20th century. William fights in the First Battle of Saratoga.

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12.08.23, 3:00
8 месяцев назад

Jamie fights in the pivotal Second Battle of Saratoga. Roger and Brianna search for Jemmy.

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