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Бывает и хуже

The Middle.


ABC , 2009 - ...


30 мин / 3 дня 19 часов

Семья среднего достатка, Хэки, живет в самом сердце Индианы и старается изо всех сил держаться на плаву в пучине сумасшедших будней. Этот сериал о несбыточных ожиданиях и безумных идеях, о повседневных неудачах и крохотных радостях жены и матери троих необычных детишек…

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15.02.17, 3:00
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Frankie and Mike frantically attempt to shut off the water and save some treasured items when the pipes burst in the basement. But after freaking out and bickering amongst each other, Axl, Sue and Brick call a family intervention meeting to let their parents know that their constant fighting and bickering is negatively affecting them. But while the kids feel like they can benefit from their parents' newfound realization, Frankie and Mike start to think that the kids' lack of support makes them the ones who should be sorry.

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22.02.17, 3:00
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After Frankie tries to get a stubborn Mike to go see Dr. Goodwin to take care of his toothache, Mike convinces the good doctor to leave his tooth alone and tell Frankie that everything was ok. But the two find themselves fabricating a story that's so ludicrous that they fear Frankie will figure out the truth. Meanwhile, since they are nearing the end of their senior year at college, Axl, Hutch and Kenny decide it's time to sell the fabled Winnebago; Sue tries her best to let college golf cart driver Tyler know that she likes him; and Brick attempts to write a historic Scottish rap musical - a la "Hamilton" - focusing on the life of Sergeant Charles Stuart MacKenzie.

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